who I am

born with a need for freedom, open space and unity and the urge to explore, experiment and expand continually, and to connect dimensions and consciousness levels together.

born in Switzerland, I lived over a decade in London UK and am now based in the South of France. I network between the remote mountain village where I live and European cities I visit regularly. I reflect the diversity of contrasting environments and backgrounds by constantly evolving, expanding and honouring my creative Self.  >>> more





what I do

cosmic astrology
as above, so below

yearly module
astro coaching
chart readings

cosmic tuning ceremonies
initiations, rites of passage

unity consciousness
5D, the new paradigm

manifestation labs
living creation workshops
experiential retreats

rising star healing
Self revealing modality


one to one
          face to face

smash the core defence : self-sabotage

smash the core defence : self-sabotage

over the past weeks, sudden surges of implosive/explosive energy have caused parts of walls of our core defence to fall apart, leaving us knackered and our most vulnerable spot (core wound) exposed. Although extremely destructive and excruciatingly painful, these...

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embodied consciousness

embodied consciousness

tomorrow, Sunday 26 February, is the second eclipse of the season and the first of two Solar eclipses this year. It will peak around 2:55pm GMT and won’t be visible in our part of the world Solar eclipses happen on a new Moon, which means that the Sun is hidden by the...

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joyful body, open heart

1-2 April 2017, Porto, Portugal
your body is a marvel of nature! it is perfect exactly as it is : it is alive, therefore sensitive and  adaptable, it evolves, transforms and regenerates itself, always seeking the best possible balance. When it is in tune with your Self, with its essential frequency, it resonates …
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spirit is what contains the body