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Self breaking through

24 March - 25 March

Vevey, Switzerland


7 April - 8 April

Locarno, Switzerland

inner harmony

14 April - 15 April

Porto, Portugal

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resolutions or resolution ?

resolutions or resolution ?

our choice determines our path of evolution   news year’s resolutions on the 1st of January many of us have made resolutions for 2018. Some of us will struggle with them and won’t keep them and others will be proud of ourselves for having the will power to keep them ...

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message from the great awakener

message from the great awakener

lightning expansive space undefined crystal clear obvious   back to Self  now now now every moment   keep the pace keep still be light see the truth projection intention gone   awakening    as we are crossing the portal between Aquarius and Pisces...

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cosmic pulse  (1/4)

cosmic pulse (1/4)

cosmic astrology weekend at seasons of silence, 16-18 mars 2018 spring equinox   body poetry            the dragonfly reinventing usual movements in the vibrating resonating space of your body feel your connection with the world and the universe the breath-key opening...

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