after a phase of itinerancy and inner vacancy, I am taking root (rootlets, in fact)


my inner transformation continues, it has become a way of life: living the change, deprogramming, transmuting, letting something appear, following the thread


however the dormancy of the seeds is suspended, the first of them have sprouted, you will find them in the next meetings


the programme is updated month after month, new events are published regularly
the glimpses of events reflect facets of past events

each event is unique, it takes place on a specific dot in the universe, where the interconnected field meets our ever evolving consciousness, multiplied refractions

stay attuned !
discover, expect the unexpected and take the plunge!



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nourishing dreams 2/4

24 June - 26 June

Saint-Claude, Jura, France

nourishing dreams 3/4

23 September - 25 September

Saint -Claude, Jura, France

nourishing dreams 4/4

9 December - 11 December

Saint- Claude, Jura, France

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