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song of the Earth

song of the Earth

9-11 February 2018, a 5D consciousness weekend in Reims, France

when I am in affinity with the Earth
I am connected, One, Whole
a sublime open and simple experience

empty fishbowl (viveka aviplavā = the mind is clear and heart still)
I see the world as it is (beyond all appearances)
without any projection or intention
I am, I feel, I know, I am part of the Whole, I interact and create with it

for a smart relationship with the Earth
find again and again the affinity state
intimacy with the Earth
unconditional support and protection, bottomless resources

life on Earth ?
a paradise of fullness and abundance
my living space
fullness of SELF in a human shape surrounded by the Earth

live a happy life
being happy = in sync with Self and the Earth, perfection of SELF

to optimise my potential for happiness
a living, always renewed balance
get out of the boxes, one by one
de-condition, detox body-heart-mind-consciousness





8 February 2018, twisted beeches in Verzy near Reims, France
night meditation at a sacred power site
kings of France used to spend the night there before being crowned in Reims


sky, snow, night, light
all is clear
sheltered, together, settling
one, all, nesting
connection, relationship

what is most sacred for me ?    friendship
it fills me to the brim, opens me, vast expansion

what keeps me away from it ?    judgment
there is pain, 3rd and 5th chakra are blocked, movement is broken, it separates me and restricts my visual field

who am I ?      love
I am open, I feel supported, empowered

giving myself all I need !      love
… that’s it, I am full, satisfied


interview of Marie-Luce Bisgambiglia



balancing on one dot

balancing on one dot

3-4 February 2018, Annecy, France


zero point 

an inner state
a quality
a level
a relationship with oneself

a place of stillness and peace
where you reconnect with yourself
and get empowered

pure undefined potential

jump out of the box
get rid of deep seated half-conscious or unconscious conditionings
which define, limit and freeze you in codified, programmed, standardised patterns

regain freedom, spontaneity, authenticity



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glimpses of events

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