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into deep silence

into deep silence

19-20 May 2018 in London, UK
a cosmic tuning ceremony


living in hell


hell is both a place and a state of being
in which we are disconnected from life, neither alive nor dead

disconnecting can happen when we move between planes and dimensions
this is a transition phase, in which we integrate what we have completed
and attune to the frequencies of what comes next

hell is when you land and stay stuck there due to trauma
unresolved trauma will affect you deeply and impact one every aspect of your life
until it is being addressed and resolved 
it is the only way you can move beyond it


you can’t stay in hell !

you are in a limbo, neither here nor elsewhere
you are depleted, distressed, disjointed and lost
all is dark, cold and dull
you are lonely, you don’t seem to belong anywhere
you feel separate from light and love
life is hard despite all your efforts
it doesn’t make much sense


you need to come back 

at the moment of trauma you have chosen to live
you are a survivor, but you still have to come back to life
the longing and yearning are screaming so loud
when you acknowledge them
you will need some help
you can’t do it yourself


there will be help, it will show up

one or more people will be there for you and invite you back
light and love will call you back
again and again
until they resonate so strongly in you that the terror will give in
you will feel held and supported and loved unconditionally
so you can take a first step
and another one
and yet another one
moving away from hell and returning to life slowly
until you are completely back here 



inner harmony

inner harmony

return to the origins and initiatory journey in Madeira, 13-16 April 2018
for Olides : a Madeiran returns to her island, harmonisation and inner transformation 


an island
closed and open space

moment by moment
feeling the balancing elements

subtle, fragile


welcoming earth
generous, abundant, diverse

r e n e w a l


cycles of water

r e b i r t h


volcanic crucible
inner alchemy

r e s u r r e c t i o n


in the open air
expansion   …    indefinitely
lightness, freedom

a w a k e n i n g



uma ilha
lugar fechado aberto

instante após instante
sentir o equilibrio dos elementos

subtil, frágil

terra hospitaleira
abundante, diversa

r e n o v a ç ã o

ciclos de água

r e n a s c i m e n t o

cadinho vulcânico
entrega em fase
alquimia interior

r e s s u r r e i ç ã o

ao ar livre
expansão  …   indefinidamente
leveza, liberdade

d e s p e r t a r


translation Olides Leça






a 5D yoga workshop on 7-8 April 2018 in Locarno, Switzerland
learning to feel the flow and enjoy conscious connection with beings and things


no body : nobody


« I have lost my body
it is as if it didn’t exist »

no blame, it’s a fact, a reality
once I acknowledge it, I can reestablish the connection

I chose to forget it, at the time it was a creative choice
now it is more of a problem, it causes me harm and disturbs me 
self-sabotage !

there is no human life (as we know it) without a body 
living on earth means having a body, without a body we can’t have that experience
we are neither angels, nor pure spirits, leaving our body doesn’t make sense
our body perceives (input) and expresses itself (output) through the senses
we are responsible for it  at the measure of our awareness



mind vs body


we  are better off without a head (for the time being)
the mind is an extraordinary instrument
but we still need to learn how to use it (in its upgraded form)

at the moment, our body is more reliable
it is like our best friend, always there for us
our body is also closest to your divine blueprint
when it is synchronised, it gives direct access to Self


attuning body with Self





Self piercing through

Self piercing through


24-25 March in Vevey, Switzerland
a 5D consciousness weekend 


no awakening unless I heal my core wound

impossible to defuse the sophisticated defence system which protects it
I can see my vulnerabilities and my loops and decrypt how they operate
I want to change and nothing changes

diving into the depths of myself only makes sense if I reach the bottom
every dive keeps feeding one by one the protection layers it reaches otherwise
defence of the defence

unless I return to the origin or all suffering and allow change
there will be no healing

my wound requires complete surrender
courage, softness and patience

it takes time !         (sounds like it)



cosmic pulse  (1/4)

cosmic pulse (1/4)

cosmic astrology weekend at seasons of silence, 16-18 mars 2018
spring equinox


body poetry            the dragonfly

reinventing usual movements

in the vibrating resonating space of your body
feel your connection with the world and the universe

the breath-key opening one by one the dimensions of your being            evident hidden

   shoulders loose, collar bones resounding, shoulder blades vibrating
   spine upright alive
   pelvis free waving
   belly supported
   neck soft
   head weightless

                          ready to fly off


                                    free            spontaneous            curious            playful



wonderful bodies 2

wonderful bodies 2

10 March 2018, Montbonnot, Grenoble, France
a one day workshop on body awareness, following the blog of the same name


user’s manual for inbuilt sat nav

your sat nav comes along with you so you don’t need to install or update it
it is an invaluable resource you can use anytime anywhere, free of charge
no need to plug in to recharge it, it runs on limitless free energy
it is on and operational as long as you live on Earth,
no customer service hotline, no troubleshooting
it is there and available for you


why don’t you use it ?

because you don’t have access to it !
the only missing bit is your connection with your sat nav, so access is denied
it is on and you are off, all that is needed is you switching yourself on


how can you do that ?

in order for your unique blueprint to activate the device
you need to be there, fully present in your body
chatterbox in you mind turned off and emotional waves appeased
your body attunes to the frequency of Self when mind-heart are still and open


that’s where a manual comes handy

you may have to
jump right back into your body if you ran away from it
switch back from mind to body if you have hit the flip switch
let you body contain the turmoil if your heart is distressed
bring all bits and pieces back to body if you are all over the place


so body is where you find instant access
and body is where you come back when you have lost it (you will do!)


your body is the densest and most stable part of your equipment
feeling and settling in its physicality is really grounding
then listening, body speaks but not always very loud
listening and listening
and let your body take you where is best for you to be
and do or experience what is best for you to do or experience (even if it doesn’t make any sense at all)


that’s it!


please note : you cannot activate somebody else device
everybody is in charge of their own



real empowerment   (1/2)

real empowerment (1/2)

3-4 March London, UK

ONE consciousness
ONE world
ONE humanity

and here you speak of separation
Igor Stravinsky at Cape Point, South Africa


1             2

our core wound is our unique version of separation

all wounds originate in the split from unity to duality eons ago
we all took part in it and hold a fragment of it ever since, an imprint in the matter of our bodies

our wound expresses in many ways specific to the parts of our consciousness that are embodied in this life time and it reflects how we experienced the gap at the origin of time-space, when ONE became TWO

suddenly one became unstable, saturated and split into two and the spiral of manifestation started unfolding

the world as we know it is a very small part of manifestation, every bit of it keeps the memory of both unity and the initial split

the wound needs healing, we can’t possibly be happy and enjoy life on Earth until our essential unity and integrity is restored, when TWO become ONE

2              1


song of the Earth

song of the Earth

9-11 February 2018, a 5D consciousness weekend in Reims, France

when I am in affinity with the Earth
I am connected, One, Whole
a sublime open and simple experience

empty fishbowl (viveka aviplavā = the mind is clear and heart still)
I see the world as it is (beyond all appearances)
without any projection or intention
I am, I feel, I know, I am part of the Whole, I interact and create with it

for a smart relationship with the Earth
find again and again the affinity state
intimacy with the Earth
unconditional support and protection, bottomless resources

life on Earth ?
a paradise of fullness and abundance
my living space
fullness of SELF in a human shape surrounded by the Earth

live a happy life
being happy = in sync with Self and the Earth, perfection of SELF

to optimise my potential for happiness
a living, always renewed balance
get out of the boxes, one by one
de-condition, detox body-heart-mind-consciousness





8 February 2018, twisted beeches in Verzy near Reims, France
night meditation at a sacred power site
kings of France used to spend the night there before being crowned in Reims


sky, snow, night, light
all is clear
sheltered, together, settling
one, all, nesting
connection, relationship

what is most sacred for me ?    friendship
it fills me to the brim, opens me, vast expansion

what keeps me away from it ?    judgment
there is pain, 3rd and 5th chakra are blocked, movement is broken, it separates me and restricts my visual field

who am I ?      love
I am open, I feel supported, empowered

giving myself all I need !      love
… that’s it, I am full, satisfied


interview of Marie-Luce Bisgambiglia



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