seasons of silence

seasons of silence is the name of the house where my partner and I live. It is located in a small village the mountains of the Ardeche, South of France. The qualities of this remote part of the world are an essential tool in my work. Nested in a little valley, there is something special about the place and our house has become a cradle or a melting pot for inner birthing and transformation:

consciousness expanding and fast shifting are facilitated by high frequency energy, secret sacred spots by the rivers or in the woods allow contact with elementals

stillness is so vibrant there that it instantly resets you to your original blueprint

the elements are vividly present in untouched nature and offer powerful support and healing

in the once farmed surroundings, nature has regained its spontaneous and vigorous growth, sourcing abundant genuine life energy for everyone to tap into

many species of wild animals are roaming in the area offering invaluable access to archetypal and instinctive animal forces

a uniquely rich biodiversity offers magnificent resources, all kind of wild herbs are at hand throughout the year, which I pick, preserve and transform for healing purposes, to complement the variety of plants and vegetables we grow in our garden and fruits we get from our and neighbouring orchards

food is key to healing, everyone is served specific food, herbs, teas and other treatments best suited to balancing their body, mind and heart

lifestyle is in tune with the rhythm of nature : people coming to stay live in our house and share our life. Indoors or outdoors activities and handwork according to seasonal needs are part of the process of embodying your real Self.

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