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synergies 2 / 4

7 June - 9 June

syn = with

en synergy
– several factors contribute to a single action (movement of a muscle)
– several people working together (kitchen team)
– several actions are combined to produce a single effect (herbal tea)

among the remarkable repercussions, we can say that the overall effect is greater than the sum of their own effects and that there is an economy of means

1 + 1 + 1 > 3

two proven synergistic models in nature
symbiosis = close, beneficial, reciprocal or not, lasting functional association between two species
syntropy = the tendency for living things to harmonise and become more complex, leading to a balanced and resilient system that provides abundance and openness


what does this mean for us in 2024 ?
everything is changing very fast!
our ways of being, living, thinking and acting are resolutely evolving towards synergistic, symbiotic and syntropic modes, we know it, we feel it

but how does it work in the living world ?
what are the basic ingredients?
how does the magic happen?
what opens the door?

the foundations of a shared creation
these are the questions that will keep us busy throughout the 2024 cycle, in two complementary directions

  • plunging into the intimacy of living things
    observing, feeling and recognising the universal in the singular
    perceiving vibration in the many forms that express it
    raw material : life in all its dimensions
  • together, simple, open presences, deeply intimate, all ears to the ground
    raw material: a common vibratory field
    silence, emptiness, patience
    a push from within, allowing the ensuing momentum to emerge
    and, together, supporting and carrying it towards a possible manifestation

this applies to every desire or intention, to every dream, project or wildest desire, for yourself, for others, in your community or for the planet
it can be implemented personally, interpersonally and collectively
the experiments are subtle, but the skills developed are of practical, concrete and immediate use in your daily life
are you interested? Then join the group, you’re one of us!


I offer a cycle of four seasonal residential meetings, a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional approach to our reality, with all the tools we need to put our strengths into action where it makes sense for us.
the rhythm of a year with occasional meetings, each of which initiates an alchemical process for the group, while personal maturation takes place in the interval between two meetings
the astrological panorama of the season refocuses on the essentials


dates   22-24 March, 7-9 June, 20-22 September, 13-15 December 2024
schedule   Friday 6pm to Sunday 5pm
venue   Ferme de Diesles, 39200 St-Claude, France
fee   €340 per weekend (teaching €200, accommodation €140 in a double room)
self-catering gîte, organic vegetarian cuisine
booking   a deposit of €180 secures your place, if you are unable to attend a meeting, the weekend fee is due

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7 June
9 June
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Ferme de Diesles
ch de Diesles
Saint-Claude, Jura 39200 France
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