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head in the stars  

chart reading

where am I at ?

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zoom on your current situation from the galaxy
what your are presented with actually, challenges and evolutionary potential in the now
a clear vision and a range of possibilities anytime in all circumstances
a glimpse at into your life contracts and their realisation

   Skype, FaceTime or phone, by appointment
what   60′ raading + recording
fee   150£  


astro expansion

awakening accelerator

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awakening accelerator
a monthly/quarterly reading of your birth chart
the cosmos reflects our consciousness and vice versa, a powerful navigating tool
by repositioning and orienting yourself all the time, empower yourself and become ever freer and more connected
a reading at regular intervals around your birthdate

    Skype, FaceTime of phone
what   45’ monthly/quarterly session + recording
fee   100£




the frequency of Self

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resolution by resonance
optimisation of life potential
any dissonance or disharmony in consciousness, mind, heart and body tends towards harmony and resolves in it
global healing reset to your essential frequency 
modalities as relevant

how    remotely or in person, by appointment
what   45′ session
fee   120£ 



down to earth 

self awareness

personal tuning 

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adjust, clarify, evolve !
lifting obstacles and unlocking the blocks
one-off sessions or at regular interval

one or more hours, Skype, FaceTime, phone, by appointment
what   anything relevant to address your current situation or issue
fee    80£ (remotely), 90£ (in person in London)



gain height and depth

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an open à la carte space for inner maturation and transformation
semi residential, two or more days, 2-4 hours / day

dates and options   to be agreed, please contact me
venue   29 rue de l’Espérance, 75013 Paris, France,  in nice and lively Butte aux Cailles area

fee   80€ /hour, includes home made breakfast and lunch, created with love just for you
accommodation   *** hotel across the street, ** hotel 3′ away, Airbnb all around
access   Eurostar to Paris gare du Nord, then
 30-40′  by tube or RER (suburban trains),  métro 5 to Place d’Italie, then 10′ walk, or RER B, to Cité universitaire, then 15′ walk



VIP day

you are the STAR

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you place yourself front and centre in the spotlight and you get undivided full attention for a whole day
a special treat, for a full reset 

dates   to be agreed, please contact me
options   in Paris ( 29 rue de l’Espérance, 75013) or remotely
time   9:00-18:00 
fee   500£ (including delicious lunch if in person)
accommodation   *** hotel in the street, ** hotel 3′ away, Airbnb all around
access   Eurostar to Paris gare du Nord, then
 30-40′  by tube or RER (suburban trains),  métro 5 to Place d’Italie, then 10′ walk, or RER B, to Cité universitaire, then 15′ walk




in between

power sites

radical shift

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meet your destiny !
your personal tailor made inner journey 
a channelled series of specific initiations on high frequency power sites
an alchemical process for a complete reboot and shift

how   one day (or two), itinerant, on a power site specifically chosen for you
what   whatever it takes for you to face yourself, clear what is not self and embrace your destiny
fee   500 £ / day (travel costs and accommodation not included)



Bourges cathedral, France

be yourself game
starting from the cathedral, exploring an area of my birth town to discover who I AM, without a map or defined time, and not knowing what to expect. Finding clues, visible and invisible, in various places, specially in the cathedral. These powerful energy spots allowed me to feel signs in my body and going through them to open doors into unknown spaces. Living the magic of MY own life, a intense powerful and authentic experience

Martine, Annecy, France





tumulus of Kerkado, Brittany, France

the audio is in French, tune in with the frequencies of the language

urban magic

high frequency flow

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5D living in big cities, learn to find the magic where it is, that is everywhere
mysteries, synchronicities and serendipity
a whole day of urban foraging, inner quest and high frequencies
i take you on a journey of 
wondrous discoveries
I will teach you to use your senses and refine them, so you can feel the flow and enjoy it

I lived in Ardèche, France, immersed in unspoiled nature, for over a decade. There I learned (= remembered) everything about nature, cycles, growth, life on earth, the sky, the ancient wisdom about above and below… Listening to the breath of nature and attuned to subtle energies, I learned to surf the highest frequencies


date   by arrangement, please contact me
place   Parismeeting point to be agreed
duration   about 8 hours, departure time depending on season
fee   500€ (including transport, refreshments and lunch)
equipment    seasonal casual wear, sneakers, wind/
waterproof jacket 









learn from life itself

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detox from pre-digested mainstream manipulated information, free yourself from preconceived ideas and belief systems, let first hand experience teach you everything 
get off the beaten track and learn from
wandering, sitting still, observing, playing
truancy is the best school you will ever attend and i will show you the way

highest frequencies
many years in the wilderness (in rural Ardèche, France) have taught me to look for signs (visible and invisible), to be aware of everything above my head, under my feet and all around, to attentively watch processes (quick or slow), and (with most difficulty) to attune my pace to the pace of things
many years in big cities (London and now Paris), have shown me that life is everywhere and pulses no less in an urban environment than in the middle of nature and that I am thriving when I am connected with the flow, a state of mind, actually !


date   by arrangement, please contact me
place   wild nature for urban people and big cities for rural people
duration   1-3 hours (or more)
fee   80£ / hour
equipment    seasonal casual wear, sneakers, wind/
waterproof jacket 







blooming consciousness, cross-pollinisation 

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a blog is the virtual version of a meeting place (coffeeshop, pub, forum), where everyone is enriched by shared experiences and where new possible developments germinate. By contributing to it, at the time of the meeting or later, your nurture life in  yourself and the living network altogether

your texts are like plants with seed capsules which aren’t totally ripe. I read them in great stillness, I let the words settle and listen with my ears and my heart. This generates heat, which ripens the capsules. All of a sudden they pop open and free their seeds, which will grow something new in me, which you don’t hold. You have given it to me by feeding and taking care of the plants. Your let the sun, the wind and the earth, days and nights do their job. I come towards you with time, stillness and a resonating expectation. Happiness, meaning, fullness and love result from that

Marianne, Zurich, Switzerland



weaving the ever changing fabric of life 

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this is a living network 

  • it contains all possibilities, with every encounter a universe is born and opens infinitely

  • ever alive, it is there, whether connections and relationships are active or not
  • mutable, it manifests what resonates with us and keeps evolving
  • fluctuating, it connects us with all that holds frequencies similar to ours
  • evolving, it multiplies spirals and pathways

affinities, synchronicities and other amazements : who attends an event or replies to a blog post is purely energetic
occasional or regular, fortuitous or deliberate meetings : a visit to a chosen power site is unique and the initiations specific to the person
in person or virtual, same reality : whether
people come together in person and remotely for an outdoor meditation makes no difference gathering circles, explorations, endless discoveries : power sites call people, living outside the box urges them to keep evolving