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vibrational rhythms 2

19 June @ 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm

cacophony this spring ?
it’s because we’re missing the music
a question of rhythm and tone ! 

what’s happening in a nutshell :
this spring’s vibratory field combines
jerks, jolts, reversals
surges, whirlwinds, explosions/implosions
confrontation, standstill, stagnation
collapse, dilution, dissolution…

because the energetic environment is chaotic, our current creative cycle is complicated : even when we feel it’s right, we don’t know where we’re going, things don’t work out the way we want them to, there are reversals of situations, jumps in consciousness, and so on

what’s more, we’re experiencing a prodigious inner maturation (stimulated and nourished by the energetic context, of course)
so it’s not surprising that the signs of our regeneration and our new level of consciousness are struggling to take shape: the vibratory plane is unstable and so are we !

it’s even more disconcerting if we aspire to tangible realisation on the material plane

between the excitement of the sublime (harmony rediscovered) and the usual discordant noise, we need to reclaim our essential vibration and feel how it fits into the general orchestration

in concrete terms (the order doesn’t matter), this means :

  • getting in tune with the rhythms and their pulse
  • letting our own pulse adjust to the tempo, until we slip into the melodic line
  • settling on the right note, our resonance
  • blend into the overall harmony

then our vibration can descend into matter and resonate through the instrument of our bodies
this is what we’ll be doing during the solstice module

ahead with the music !


I’ll be hosting a series of three online meetings, which will take place every fortnight for a month around the summer solstice.

during this module:
as the meetings progress, I’ll be taking stock of how the energy situation is evolving
I’ll help you to listen better and better (inside and out) and to fine-tune your instrument
I’ll suggest practical exercises to help you get in tune with your own rhythms and harmonise them with the rhythms of others and of the planet.
I’ll also invite you to interact with others in harmonic explorations and improvisations.
finally, I’ll create a protected space for you to explore, where you can adjust as you wish


dates   Wednesday 5, 19 June and 3 July 2024
time   8:30-10:00 pm
platform   Zoom, live or by replay, a recording will be available for participants
fee   £180, payable online or by bank transfer
registration   full payment guarantees your participation, attention places are limited
the full amount is due even if you do not attend one of the meetings




19 June
8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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