evolving together

when multiple factors contribute to complex effects


blooming consciousness, cross-pollinisation

blogs are the virtual version of a meeting place (coffeeshop, pub, forum), currently there are three of them   5D updates   astro blog   glimpses of events

each one of them highlights a facet of my reflections, experiments and of the work I do with groups. Everyone is enriched by shared experiences and new possible developments can germinate. By contributing to it, at the time of the meeting or later, your nurture life in yourself and the living network altogether


your texts are like plants with seed capsules which aren’t totally ripe. I read them in great stillness, I let the words settle and listen with my ears and my heart. This generates heat, which ripens the capsules. All of a sudden they pop open and free their seeds, which will grow something new in me, which you don’t hold. You have given it to me by feeding and taking care of the plants. Your let the sun, the wind and the earth, days and nights do their job. I come towards you with time, stillness and a resonating expectation. Happiness, meaning, fullness and love result from that


Zurich, Switzerland

5D updates



a little immersive experiment as we enter the summer    you can let go of your (strongly/weakly) defined identity...

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we can do it

we can do it

the big transformation of the world is made of small personal changes   the risk of being caught in conditionings...

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coming together

coming together

urban strolling            May 2020 in Paris, France   imperceptibly, we have adopted subtle avoidance modes this...

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astro blog



an early morning meditation at Pen Liouze stone circle on Arz Island, Brittany, around the third eclipse of the season...

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in labour

in labour

an evening meditation circle on 30 June 2020 this morning (at 4:44am GMST) was the second (of 3) meetings between...

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glimpses of events


weaving the ever changing fabric of life

networks are one-time or periodic scaleable entities
they connect people involved in a common project
most of the time connections happen remotely, occasionally with virtual media

a network is a living being 

  • it contains all possibilities, with every encounter a universe is born and opens infinitely

  • ever alive, it is there, whether connections and relationships are active or not

  • mutable, it manifests what resonates with us and keeps evolving

  • fluctuating, it connects us with all that holds frequencies similar to ours

  • evolving, it multiplies spirals and pathways

5D reality is the experience of oneness and interconnectedness, everything is interdependent 

affinities, synchronicities and other amazements : who attends an event or replies to a blog post is purely energetic

occasional or regular, fortuitous or deliberate meetings : the experience is unique and the initiations specific to the person

in person or virtual, same reality : whether people come together in person and remotely for an outdoor meditation makes no difference

gathering circles, explorations, endless discoveries : opportunities to live outside the box and explore things for oneself