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29. a new era

6 January 2021
curiosity, prisms : multiplicity and fragmentation, view points and perceptions


30. labour pains

11 January 2021
evident and non evident, personal markers, harmonise your fractal, stable in the storm


31. ready

18 January 2021
foundation (body-consciousness), perceived reality, alienation, harmonic resolution


32. dislocation

29 January 2021
versions of reality, here and now : tolerate the discomfort, blow a fuse or go mad, take care of the mind


33. synchronisation

5 February 2021
from confusion to fusion, signs of correct choice, resilience and reliance



34. a state of consciousness

10 February 2021
vibration, self-love, resolving mental games, accomplishments through restrictions



35. alive or awake ?

17 February 2021
consolidate confidence, rightness and openness, internal affairs, relational maintenance



36. a softer way

24 February 2021
wonders, collective orchestration and individual contribution, small adjustments



37. together

3 March 2021
a complexe network of relationships, vibrational sharing, spacial integration of our experience



38. turmoil

12 March 2021
predictable/unpredictable mouvements, viewpoints and related perspectives, living several dimensions



39. another world

17 March 2021
celebration, ascension, view point of evolution, control vs sovereignty, tilting towards light


40. emerging qualities

24 March 2021
purity, innocence, playfulness, nurture the highest level, consciousness and raw matter of your creation



41. the tip of the diamond

2 April 2021
impeccable presence, advantages of the tip, personal trajectory, a reality in the making


42. which way ?

10 April 2021
fake surface, vague visceral feeling, failure of ritual strategies, assume your frequency


43. what I perceive

14 April 2021
mind-heart resting, sensory perception (gross/subtle), transformation of relationships