regular updates on the saga of ascension since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 
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1. change

17 March 2020
virus, lockdown, heart healing, ascension
see related post lockdown


2. opportunities

24 March 2020
stop, emotions, projections, perspective


3. awaken !

2 April 2020
ascension vs corona, conspiracy, zero point, relax


4. where is your focus ?

8 April 2020
body guidance, mind-heart stillness, choose your camp, creation


5. uncertainty

16 April 2020
unstable environment, grounding and opening, types of reactions to fear, frequency yoyo


6. vulnerabilities

23 April 2020
antagonist forces, surges, ambivalence, wobble, distorsion, resistance


7. essentials

30 April 2020
before the expansion, pure potential, fear again, create the new


8. first impressions

12 May 2020
feel with the heart, what has touched us, positioning, reach for the bliss


9. the pace of things

20 May 2020
evolution of time, experienced space, inner demands, own rhythm


10. hypersensitivity

27 May 2020
hyper = norm, keep the benefit, confusion, choose energy over form


11. keep your balance

2 June 2020
commitment to Self, your highest truth, Internal GPS, surfing the waves



12. a question of frequency

10 June 2020
awareness, under the horizon line, centring in oneself, reactivity


13. what opening ?

15 June 2020
build up, flow, near the surface, pacify the senses


14. mind the gap

23 June 2020
belief system, shock, awareness of reality, level


15. live differently ?!

15 July 2020
self and community, exchanges, new qualities


16. quicksand

26 August 2020
dimensions (3D, 4D, 5D), facing reality, conspiracy of Self, resistance-expansion


17. renewal

15 Septembre 2020
personal and collective responsibility, worlds moving apart, impeccable presence


18. entropy

24 Septembre 2020
chaos, closed vs open systems, relationships, leap into new coherence


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