one to one

working with Sylviane has allowed me to see how broad the idea of practice can be

Melissa, Sheffield, UK


Sylviane is warm, intuitive, loving, creative, intelligent, perceptive, present, holding, compassionate, spontaneous, accommodating, understanding, rigorous, kind, bright, honest, and very wise.        

Ruth, London, UK


Sylviane is a rare gem, she shares her love and knowledge of yoga and life in a fresh unique way.  

Zoë, Leicester, UK


from that first important ATHA, Sylviane’s explanations and clear, brilliant translations of the Yoga Sutras are making me appreciate a whole possible new dimension to EVERYTHING.       

Helen, London, UK


workshops and retreats

Sylviane’s workshops are very special to me – they make me look at things, and look at them differently. Her themes can be bold, and they are always challenging, gripping and extraordinary. They make you think

Marlies, London, UK 


the London weekends are a wonderful and easy opportunity to see where you are in your practice and life. I never now consider whether the topic seems “right”. It always is and you can’t work it out in advance. It unfolds during the weekend.

Scott, London, UK


working with Sylviane is a very enriching and transformative process. I have always felt that I leave a workshop a very different person than I entered… 

Janet, London, UK


workshops with Sylviane always come at the right time when I have to deal with another challenge or when I am desperately searching for an answer and each of the meetings take me further in my deeper understanding of myself and my connection to the Universe.     

Vera, London, UK