full solar eclipse

full solar eclipse

meditation at the Louvre pyramid, Paris, on 2 July 2019, during the full solar eclipse

following the huge initiations of the summer solstice, new updates and fine tuning with your true Self



photo European Space Agency (ESA) – La Silla Observatory in Chile
EarthSky, 4 July 2019



the eclipse isn’t visible in our latitudes, yet its effect is tangible and affects technology, the recording is deleted
an excerpt of today’s powerful transmission is re-recorded later, three fragments, also affected by the eclipse


these ones are in French again, you’ll make so much progress with the language !









remember who you are

remember who you are

after last night’s full Moon (18 May at 22:11 GMST)

a message from the cosmos


remember who you are, your cosmic origin and star lineage
acknowledge your multidimensional being
honour your embodiment, your contracts and sacred destiny
be part of the living and conscious network of light, decidedly
pay your tribute to Self in your body-heart-mind-spirit, and in others, the earth and the cosmos

beyond anything generic
gain perspective on your authentic, unique, specific reality and impact
take responsibility for being your Self and contributing your unique frequency and genuine talents

rather than attempting to be seen, recognised, respected and loved
focus on seeing, recognising, respecting and loving your Self
this generates and activates a field of coherence and harmonic resonance around you, wherever you are and whatever you are involved in

go deeper and deeper within into the stillness of the zero point where anything is possible and reset, reset, reset    again and again, every day

breathe in and out all fragrances of life
share, exchange, learn to receive as much as you give and to give as much as you receive, balancing worlds (big and small) and dimensions (of which you are conscious or not)

your true Self is far bigger than what you know of yourself
it is authentic, unconventional and free
it follows no other guidance than from within
it doesn’t fit in any box nor does it comply with any rule
it expresses the Truth of Self exclusively
being part of a coherent interdependent Whole is its greatest joy

this is likely to clash with who/what you believe to be
the shell of conventions and beliefs entrapping you must crack open for you to discover who you truly are and embody your unique version of the Truth




on a full Moon, Sun (our eternal consciousness) and Moon (our embodied consciousness) face each other on either side of the zodiac, each month with a different background of two complementary signs. This full Moon took place in the Taurus-Scorpio axis, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, and shed light on the phase of transmutation process we are currently in

Taurus invites the full embodiment of our eternal Self on the Earth plane, as part of an experiment and seeding for further developments in other realms of life

Scorpio (where the Moon was) reminds us of the transformation the seed undergoes at the time of sprouting : when its season is due, sown in damp fertile soil with suitable temperature, soaking the environment in, it will extract its essence so it can give it form. That’s exactly what we are experiencing right now

on the other side of the zodiac, the Sun facing the Moon connected with Sedna a few hours before the full Moon. Sedna (the memory-keeper of all possibilities) is a newly discovered planet and with an 11000 year orbit currently the outermost planet of our solar system. This expands our vision of Self beyond anything accessible until now. So we literally blast open !

Venus, who just entered her ruling sign in Taurus, got electrified by its encounter with Uranus (the great male awakener). The pain, discomfort, exhaustion, loss of meaning of the past few days was due the massive light downloads and code activations received then in preparation for the full Moon super opening. Our integration parameters are momentarily de-calibrated, so we have a choice : either to embrace the full picture and upgrade or to stick to the known and get stuck

meanwhile Haumea (another new planet and the guardian of cycles of birth and rebirth) and Eris (the female awakener) keep holding the ascension bridge stretching between Libra and Aries that will remain open until the process is complete
when triggered by surges of discomfort, dissatisfaction and the like urging you to move faster than the pace of change, hold on a moment until you can feel that any part of your inner transformation and embodiment of Self is being supported and assisted


stay tuned, the current movements prepare another huge recalibration at the summer solstice




spring equinox

spring equinox

an outdoor meditation at the Louvre pyramid, Paris, on 20 March 2019

on 20 March we will pass the vernal point = spring (Sun at 0°Aries at 21:29 GMT) and the Moon will be full just a few hours later (at 1:48 GMT on 21 March)
that night multiple balancing took place : day and night, Sun and Moon, vertical and horizontal axes, human and cosmic being
an opportunity of powerful refocusing and tremendous frequency upgrade

here are some excerpts, in French this time. If you understand French, this gives you a chance brush up a foreign language or else why don’t you immerse yourself in the sounds and frequencies and allow the initiation ?


  1. alignement vertical et horizontal / vertical and horizontal alignment



 2. guérir la blessure / healing the wound



enjoy the upgrade





today’s full Moon at 0° in Virgo, facing the Sun at 0°in Pisces set the tone
below are a few thoughts following the conversations of the day

  •  what isn’t complete and accomplished isn’t enough 

now is time to heal, resolve and let go completely of what isn’t Self
we are being called urgently to attune our human existence with our eternal essence


  • it is simple, and that’s it !

only on this condition the unique frequency of our Being can express itself perfectly, we are where we belong, we do what we are meant to do and the fullness of our life attests it

this is an important step in our personal and collective development, although it is only a very small part of our multi-dimensional reality and of our global evolution


  •  we will never be fully happy and content until we are accomplished

so the direction is clear : towards Self, in Self, with Self
yet we get easily sidetracked and deadlocked like in

I head towards goals and achieve objectives, which are actually the projections and buttresses or my weaknesses. My inner work on de-conditioning is weak and I am attached to my fear of being Self

                                                                                             I do this, I do that

                          I got this

                                                           I negotiated that


not lasting
I stop too quickly, I content myself with less, I stick to disharmony, to a mediocre version of myself, which is not satisfying. My accomplishment is little, because I am not aligned. As a result, I lack drive and momentum and I only access my resources sporadically and insufficiently 

                                                                                  I do what I can

                                  I know, I know

                                                                                                                          I ought to

                                                           what I endure is overwhelming


I give up due to discouragement, disillusion, demotivation, burn-out. No connection, no realisation, since I am unable to get back in sync and harmonise, I am cut off from myself and any resource

                                                                                        I can’t stand it anymore

                                                                                                                                              I am down

                                I’ll never get there

                                                                                                                           my situation is hopeless


MY mission
a quest validating my life and giving my actions a direction/meaning, but no accomplishment… except if I do serious work on my identifications and projections. Maybe what I do actually is not at all what I imagine, what I am busy with, what I do for a living, the roles I play …

                                                                                                            I am here for

            this is my mission

                                                                                   I am in charge of


I happily postpone til tomorrow what I could have done yesterday, which results in layers of aborted movements stratifying and me getting stuck in unease

                                                                                                                 I will do it

                             tomorrow I will change

                                                                                                    it is just a matter of time


I mistake my great and visible achievements and the recognition I get for them with my accomplishment. Puffery ! What if I performed a task of a very high level which remained invisible or in the background ? what if non action or being unable to do things was essential to what i do ?

                                                                                                  I am successful

                            I am acknowledged

                                                                                          I have been seen, asked, hunted


i ignore or underestimate the scale of the task at hand, I am in denial and/or numb myself. In any case I make sure I don’t face reality. I hide or reject what doesn’t suits me or puts me in trouble. In fact, I prefer not to change, for fear of my own accomplishment

                                                                                        I got it

                                          it will be done

                                                                                                I begin/quit when I want

                                                             if I want, I can


I ignore my reality, my shortcomings, my big or small blunders, I cover up what isn’t spotless. This creates a friction which prevents aligning with Self, but I can deal with it, because I am actually not in a hurry to face myself, a bit of fear perhaps ?

                                                                                                 that’s ok !

                          nobody can see it

                                                                                                              it is just from time to time

                                                  nobody knows about it


I won’t extend the list !


  • in short, it is not that easy

we are accomplished when everything is in place on all levels, all is transparent, simple, obvious, we are completely coherent and our lives speak for themselves


  • and yet yes, it is !

because we are perfect as we are

but we can’t see it, acknowledge it, admit it
there is nothing to add or remove to our Self which got a perfect shape
what troubles us is that we don’t know what it is for

in reality, the main obstacle to our accomplishment is our stubbornness not to be who we are
thus not to be able to acknowledge what our destiny is




slight shift

slight shift

the good thing about eclipses is that they reveal things to us
early on 6 January, at 1:28 am GMT, was the first new Moon of the year and the first solar eclipse
the transiting Moon momentarily hid a portion the Sun which then reappeared
it was partial solar eclipse and couldn’t be seen in our latitudes


a solar eclipse brings something to light we weren’t aware of before
what has changed since

the stillness and joy we could experience deep within since the solstice can now be felt all around.  A tangible evidence, which you will notice it the moment you stop investing in the usual drame around your core wound

a slight shift of focus and frequency and you feel one, whole and connected again (which you ARE, actually)

the trick is to reset your energy field via your body, mental processing won’t do it. And this will also help you let go of misconceptions of the mind which perpetuate the alienation and pain

a minor adjustment for a major opening

good will, intentions and resolutions are not enough
why don’t you rather choose to be  a little more aware and focused ?
or to put it differently
go for joy, you can even fake it !
it’s the best shortcut to feeling connected and supported


pay also attention to the next eclipse on 21 January (peak will be at 5:16am GMT)
it will be much more important for us and will complete the unzipping it of this year’s delivery
only with the next new Moon on 4 February (at 21:04 GMT) will we finally have clearer perception of what 2019 holds and how we can handle it



pleine lune d’éveil

pleine lune d’éveil


quelques impressions suite à la méditation à la pyramide du Louvre, 24 octobre 2018 à Paris





la pyramide de verre et sa contrepartie inversée, la petite pyramide de pierre
un portail cosmotellurjique, un point d’ancrage symbolique 



le soir, au milieu d’une foule cosmopolite, photographe et flâneuse, mise en présence du lieu

dans l’écrin de la grande cour du Louvre, l’ancien et le nouveau s’éclairent. Il apparaît que l’esthétique et les symboles du passé ne présentent plus (beaucoup) d’intérêt, ils sont dépassés, ils parlent de ce qui n’est plus, une époque révolue, ils témoignent aussi d’une vision de la réalité à laquelle on n’adhère plus, tronquée, limitante (3D). Il reste évidemment l’attachement, conscient ou non, aux valeurs et aux programmations de ce passé

une puissante ligne de force traverse la cour d’est en ouest et relie le Louvre et la Défense


quatre lieux d’exploration, à chaque fois centrage, intériorisation et accueil de ce qui se présente

1. à distance, dos à la pyramide

l’époque est chaotique, les tensions globales sont à leur comble, l’effondrement menace de toutes parts, les ajustements personnels sont exigeants et implacables … et pourtant un grand calme est ressenti, nous baignons dans une énergie tranquille, douce, fluide, très fine, très pure qui invite à descendre et prendre ancrage.
L’ascension est à la mesure de l’ancrage, plus on aspire à monter plus il convient de descendre


2. face à la pyramide, rencontrer l’intérieur    


la sculpture exposée dans la pyramide a une forte présence et attire l’attention, elle évoque chaleur, puissance, fusion, le feu intérieur. Avec l’eau environnante un processus alchimique de transformation et de transmutation s’opère, une oeuvre de purification, d’épuration et de lâcher-prise relativement aux croyances et schémas limitants du passé et de renoncement à tout attachement à leur égard. C’est l’essence même de l’oeuvre alchimique, la puissance à actualiser du Scorpion, où le Soleil vient d’entrer


3. aux quatre angles des bassins

une dynamique double, comme une pulsation

évaporation et ascension
plus rien de l’ancien ne doit nous retenir, pas même l’intention de s’élever, d’être lumineux et de rayonner

descente et distillation, ce qui apparaît est d’une toute autre nature, définie-indéfinie, libre

l’espace est ample, fluide, il est vivant, il vibre, joie


4. aux angles de la pyramide


terre et air, étendue infinie

mise à terre, enracinement
le moment où l’intégrité est manifeste atteste que l’intégration est accomplie
je suis un(e,) je suis tout, je suis avec tout, je suis



quelques repères astrologiques



la pleine Lune à 1° en Taureau est conjointe Uranus qui vient d’entrer dans le signe, le Soleil se trouve de l’autre côté du pont en Scorpion

il est essentiel de permettre maintenant la descente complète dans le corps et l’activation de tous les codes reçus récemment. Et dans le creuset du Scorpion de laisser se faire la séparation de toute forme et/ou croyance limitante et la fusion avec la plénitude de l’Un

Eris à 23° en Bélier forme un pont avec Cérès et Haumea, respectivement à 21 et 25° en Balance

tout ce qui n’est pas en résonance avec le Soi/Un est amené (plus ou moins brutalement) à la conscience pour être résolu, c’est-à-dire retrouver une forme harmonique, cohérente avec le Tout.

Prendre conscience de la disharmonie est important, mais il n’est pas vraiment utile de s’occuper de l’élaboration. L’harmonisation se fait spontanément en laissant s’opérer la remise en phase au plus haut niveau de conscience, la présence d’un miroir reste indispensable

Chiron à 28° en Poissons forme un autre pont avec Pallas en Vierge

nous devenons souverain(e)s, en pleine possession de nous-mêmes, une fois résolues toutes les blessures et en laissant se ré-harmoniser toutes les dimensions de notre être

enfin Sedna à 27° en Taureau forme également un pont avec Jupiter à 26° en Scorpion

la mutation personnelle, sociale et globale est rendue possible parce que nous avons retrouvé accès à notre mémoire collective éternelle



summer solstice

summer solstice

as the Sun stands still (as we see it from the Earth) a multi-dimensional space opens for a few days. The longest days of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) is an opportunity to gain some clarity from putting things in perspective (we can see ourselves in our environment)

it is also a major energy shift, which had been preparing since the winter solstice and will ripple for a few months. Remember that the eclipse season we entered last week will keep us busy all summer


get the bigger picture

you can embrace as many directions and dimensions as you want, but unless you opt in consciously, more of the old will show up by default, due to personal and collective programming


aspects of the personal/human/global recalibration

releasing of old paradigm patterns and conditionings, purging of body-heart-mind-consciousness, which can be painful, distressing …. and exhausting, do give yourself enough rest and sleep

what is happening in your life at the moment is but a tiny part of what you are busy with. However, you don’t  have to figure out and you can’t control anything at all

time (linear) collapsed (unless you want to stick to it), we experience multiple time-spaces and paces simultaneously instead. We don’t have much understanding of that either, which I can be a real challenge for the mind. Yet there is no point investigating much, you better listen to higher Self for guidance in day to day life and welcome glimpses of other dimensions as they occur. They are sparks, treasures, but not necessary clues, as many of them won’t make any sense at this point, unless we invest in them and read them from our (very limited) mental view point

transmuting of own, collective, Earth wounds. Distorsion, corruption, pollution, contamination… result from the split at the origin of duality . We all have captured our unique version of it and hold it in our DNA

the current process is shaping RE-union. This can trigger resistance (obvious or subtle) because  against all odds we are attached to separation. We are essentially desperate for unity and oneness (of which we hold a part of it in our unique own way), but separation is what we know best, it’s been our lot for as long as we can remember, so we tend to (un)consciously cling to it and may get stuck precisely when we realise that the possibility of unity (instead of being a dream or an illusion) can become a reality

holding a vision or having expectations from the new “anything” is another issue. We can’t help projecting it on the emerging reality, just to realise that either things are not happening as we intended/expected or that they limit our perception of what is happening in reality


what to do ?

rest and rest and rest, this can’t be stressed enough

allow allow allow and listen, feel, stay with whatever comes up

whenever is possible focus on what is going on on the surface of things, where they interconnect with one another, and on the actual encounter between people, where they meet and touch each other



eclipse season

eclipse season


with yesterday’s new Moon in Gemini we entered this summer eclipse season, also called a wormhole
a wormhole is the time-space stretching from the new Moon (last night) before the first eclipse, until the new Moon after the last one of them, in this case on 9 September in Virgo. Eclipses come in series of two or three and wormholes can last up to three months, this one is a very long one

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, gives the tone for the entire season : the mind settling in the heart space can feel and intuitively get to know the bigger picture.
Mercury is also the new archetype of divine masculine, the spark of light igniting and activating all things and processes

at the time of the new Moon, Mercury was at 2° Cancer in a light bridge with Quaoar (balance mind-heart, intuition) at 1° Capricorn

there will be three eclipses this summer 

  • the first one will happen on the next new Moon at 22° in Cancer on 13 July. It is a partial solar eclipse. Solar éclipses always are on a new Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct (on eat same degree) and the Sun partly cast his shadow on the Moon). It won’t be visible at our coorditates. The partial  will begin at 2:48, peak at 4:01 and end at 5:13am GMST

  • the second one on 27 July is a full lunar eclipse, which will be visible in Europe
    a lunar eclipse always happens on a full Moon, when Sun and Moon are on either side of the Earth and the Earth gets in the way and obscures the Moon. The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST 
    on 27 July the Sun will be at 4° in Leo and the Moon at 4° in Aquarius (in opposite zodiac signs). The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST


  • the third one of the season and last eclipse of the year (next one will be on 21 January 2019) will be a partial solar eclipse in Leo on 11 August, which again won’t be visible from our latitudes. The partial will begin at 9:02, peak at 10:46 and end at 12:30, all GMST

a quick recap
summer 2018 eclipse season

13 July partial ? eclipse, visible in South Pacific  ?
27 July full
?eclipse, visible in Europe ?
11 August partial ? eclipse, visible in North America ?

in a series of eclipses Sun and Moon keep alternating, at intervals of two weeks
this is because they occur on new Moon (solar) and full Moon (lunar)
it takes about 29 days for a full lunar month to complete, from new Moon to the next new Moon
(the last new Moon in Gemini was on 13 June and the next one in Cancer (first solar eclipse) will be on 13 July 

?  ?  ?  ?  ?


what to expect
during a wormhole you are being taken on journeys you wouldn’t go on normally, you are likely to be disorientated and destabilised. You will have to be disciplined, recentre in your body and keep tuning to yourself. It’s a good idea to chill out and rest as much as you need.
The entire time-space offers major opportunities to awaken and attune to your higher Self, eclipses are zero points of major multi-dimensional recalibration

the Sun represents your eternal Self, your consciousness
the Moon represents your embodied Self and unconscious

when they are eclipsed, they are momentarily switched off and then on again
and you can be graced with greater clarity about your Self and who you are here on Earth (if you are willing!)

when an eclipse isn’t visible from your location, you can always tune in and sense what it delivers for you




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