summer solstice

summer solstice

as the Sun stands still (as we see it from the Earth) a multi-dimensional space opens for a few days. The longest days of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) is an opportunity to gain some clarity from putting things in perspective (we can see ourselves in our environment)

it is also a major energy shift, which had been preparing since the winter solstice and will ripple for a few months. Remember that the eclipse season we entered last week will keep us busy all summer


get the bigger picture

you can embrace as many directions and dimensions as you want, but unless you opt in consciously, more of the old will show up by default, due to personal and collective programming


aspects of the personal/human/global recalibration

releasing of old paradigm patterns and conditionings, purging of body-heart-mind-consciousness, which can be painful, distressing …. and exhausting, do give yourself enough rest and sleep

what is happening in your life at the moment is but a tiny part of what you are busy with. However, you don’t  have to figure out and you can’t control anything at all

time (linear) collapsed (unless you want to stick to it), we experience multiple time-spaces and paces simultaneously instead. We don’t have much understanding of that either, which I can be a real challenge for the mind. Yet there is no point investigating much, you better listen to higher Self for guidance in day to day life and welcome glimpses of other dimensions as they occur. They are sparks, treasures, but not necessary clues, as many of them won’t make any sense at this point, unless we invest in them and read them from our (very limited) mental view point

transmuting of own, collective, Earth wounds. Distorsion, corruption, pollution, contamination… result from the split at the origin of duality . We all have captured our unique version of it and hold it in our DNA

the current process is shaping RE-union. This can trigger resistance (obvious or subtle) because  against all odds we are attached to separation. We are essentially desperate for unity and oneness (of which we hold a part of it in our unique own way), but separation is what we know best, it’s been our lot for as long as we can remember, so we tend to (un)consciously cling to it and may get stuck precisely when we realise that the possibility of unity (instead of being a dream or an illusion) can become a reality

holding a vision or having expectations from the new “anything” is another issue. We can’t help projecting it on the emerging reality, just to realise that either things are not happening as we intended/expected or that they limit our perception of what is happening in reality


what to do ?

rest and rest and rest, this can’t be stressed enough

allow allow allow and listen, feel, stay with whatever comes up

whenever is possible focus on what is going on on the surface of things, where they interconnect with one another, and on the actual encounter between people, where they meet and touch each other



eclipse season

eclipse season


with yesterday’s new Moon in Gemini we entered this summer eclipse season, also called a wormhole
a wormhole is the time-space stretching from the new Moon (last night) before the first eclipse, until the new Moon after the last one of them, in this case on 9 September in Virgo. Eclipses come in series of two or three and wormholes can last up to three months, this one is a very long one

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, gives the tone for the entire season : the mind settling in the heart space can feel and intuitively get to know the bigger picture.
Mercury is also the new archetype of divine masculine, the spark of light igniting and activating all things and processes

at the time of the new Moon, Mercury was at 2° Cancer in a light bridge with Quaoar (balance mind-heart, intuition) at 1° Capricorn

there will be three eclipses this summer 

  • the first one will happen on the next new Moon at 22° in Cancer on 13 July. It is a partial solar eclipse. Solar éclipses always are on a new Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct (on eat same degree) and the Sun partly cast his shadow on the Moon). It won’t be visible at our coorditates. The partial  will begin at 2:48, peak at 4:01 and end at 5:13am GMST

  • the second one on 27 July is a full lunar eclipse, which will be visible in Europe
    a lunar eclipse always happens on a full Moon, when Sun and Moon are on either side of the Earth and the Earth gets in the way and obscures the Moon. The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST 
    on 27 July the Sun will be at 4° in Leo and the Moon at 4° in Aquarius (in opposite zodiac signs). The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST


  • the third one of the season and last eclipse of the year (next one will be on 21 January 2019) will be a partial solar eclipse in Leo on 11 August, which again won’t be visible from our latitudes. The partial will begin at 9:02, peak at 10:46 and end at 12:30, all GMST

a quick recap
summer 2018 eclipse season

13 July partial ? eclipse, visible in South Pacific  ?
27 July full
?eclipse, visible in Europe ?
11 August partial ? eclipse, visible in North America ?

in a series of eclipses Sun and Moon keep alternating, at intervals of two weeks
this is because they occur on new Moon (solar) and full Moon (lunar)
it takes about 29 days for a full lunar month to complete, from new Moon to the next new Moon
(the last new Moon in Gemini was on 13 June and the next one in Cancer (first solar eclipse) will be on 13 July 

?  ?  ?  ?  ?


what to expect
during a wormhole you are being taken on journeys you wouldn’t go on normally, you are likely to be disorientated and destabilised. You will have to be disciplined, recentre in your body and keep tuning to yourself. It’s a good idea to chill out and rest as much as you need.
The entire time-space offers major opportunities to awaken and attune to your higher Self, eclipses are zero points of major multi-dimensional recalibration

the Sun represents your eternal Self, your consciousness
the Moon represents your embodied Self and unconscious

when they are eclipsed, they are momentarily switched off and then on again
and you can be graced with greater clarity about your Self and who you are here on Earth (if you are willing!)

when an eclipse isn’t visible from your location, you can always tune in and sense what it delivers for you




message from the great awakener

message from the great awakener

expansive space
crystal clear


back to Self 




every moment


keep the pace
keep still
be light
see the truth
projection intention




as we are crossing the portal between Aquarius and Pisces


dawn of a new world

dawn of a new world

the peak of tomorrow’s full lunar eclipse will be around 13:30 GMT. It is called blue (because it’s the second full Moon in one calendar month) and blood (for it’s reddish colour). Some call it a super Moon (because it is very close to the Earth). You won’t be able to see it in Europe, but you can feel it 


go into full stillness
let the waves of love embrace you
and feel your heart
soften soften soften
dilate  dilate  dilate
expand     expand     expand  
i   n   f   i   n   i   t  e   l  y
with the subtle touch of love


this is the sacred initiation and the rebirth off the eternal feminine


fell it again and again
dive into it

dare love and being loved
allow   allow   a l  l o w

there is nothing to do and nowhere to go
only allowing love
to pervade
every particle of light
every dimension of your being
activate them and restore
unity and oneness

n   o   w

f   o   r      e   v   e   r


the eclipsed Moon (our embodied consciousness) is at 11° Leo, together with Ceres (the midwife) and the soul star or North node (our destiny)
Haumea (perpetual generation of unity),at 25° Libra, Sedna (the returning feminine) at 25° Taurus, Chiron (the frequency of unity), at 25° Pisces form a iod (geometric pattern) with Uranus at 24° Aries and Eris at 22° Aries (male and female awakeners). Together they conspire to end the game of separation and reboot who is willing to limitless love

will you let love crack you open ?
will you have the gut to step into uncharted territory
choose high frequency
embrace who you are
and realise your destiny ?


winter landscape

winter landscape

an immaculate miracle
mouth open
breath suspended
ephemeral spell
the ineffable
the divine feminine


look at this image carefully

it tells you about the new Moon
which is taking place tonight               (on 17 January at 2:17 heures GMT)


at the bottom of winter                        (Sun is in Capricorn)
the tree of life supports                       (Capricorn, spiritual anchoring on Earth)
the branching twig                               (Capricorn, spiritual power)

sprouting power 
of the buds                                          (7 planets in Capricorn today)
consciousness awakening                  (Sun-Moon joining, a new cycle preparing the full Moon eclipse on 31 January)
initial surge of sap                               (Mercury-Lilith, a new clarity arising from the bottom)
heart open innocent                            (Venus-Sun, love is the only law)
evidence                                              (Saturn-Quaoar, intuition of manifest forms)
resurrection                                         (Pluto, the phenix)
cosmic expansion                                (Ceres-dharma, birth and expansion of consciousness)


dive into your heart
until you reach the bottom
and allow

what rises

to guide you


the return of light

the return of light

post solstice impressions


the still point of the Sun and shortest day of the year (in the Northern hemisphere) is also the birthday of our Earth, therefore the beginning of a new cycle or breath

what we call a year corresponds to one breath of our home planet
the Earth’s in-breath (and consequently of all that lives on the planet) begins on 21 December each year on the winter solstice day and goes ’til the summer solstice on 21 June, after which the out-breath begins, which lasts until the next winter solstice etc.


we can acknowledge the potential the still point of the winter solstice holds by analogy with our own breath
whilst we breathe in and out all our life (mostly in automatic mode), we occasionally experience an extraordinary expansiveness in some in-breaths, when we breathe consciously and give full attention to the cycle of our breath

the still point and void on empty lungs invite limitless expansion in multiple dimensions simultaneously, which then unfold gradually during what seems a never ending in-breath
key to this experience is a firm grounding in the deepest of stillness within, from where everything is eternally surging and manifesting
this is what we can experience around the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere

by turning inwards and reaching the core of ourselves, we can tap into the Source within and get moment by moment guidance to navigate our life and the world creatively
trusting and surrendering within is the most fulfilling experience

similarly the still point and fullness of the lungs gives us the boundless abundance and resources available for experience in the ever evolving fabric of our interactions with others and the world

feeling and acknowledging unconditional support in every aspect of our life on Earth and surrendering completely to it is another most fulfilling experience, to be had in the Southern hemisphere at this time of the year 


winter solstice is the reset point, where we realign with our galactic Source and upgrade to the next evolutionary phase for the year to come

whether we experience the void or fullness (just different phases in a cycle), we hit Source and a spark of light rekindles our inner fire (aka connection with Self)


this last winter solstice portal on 21 December 2017 presented us with a rare bunch of energies, as the Sun, Saturn and Quaoar had gathered right there
their joint impulse induced a new phase in the process of ascension and rebirth of ONE = LOVE : they allowed us to intuit how we can create a new world NOW
with the Sun returning and the days getting longer, the return of LIGHT will become manifest and obvious (despite all appearance on the surface of things) and seeds will begin to pop open


early on 2 January (at 2:24 GMT) is the first and most powerful super full Moon in 2018 (full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are facing each other). The Moon’s purpose is to reflect the newly received download of LIGHT codes. The interplay of Sun and Moon is hyper-sensitised by the enlightening presence of Neptune in harmonic resonance. This staging supports the remembering and full activation of our divine cosmic Self in a human shape


Sun = our consciousness and eternal Self
Moon = our embodied Self in this lifetime
super full Moon = when it is closest to the Earth (on its elliptical orbit)
Saturn = collective consciousness
Neptune = universal oneness and enlightenment
Quaoar = perfectly balanced mind-heart, intuition



happy new year 2018 !



wonderful bodies

wonderful bodies

an adventure and a journey towards balancing the feminine and masculine


now is a good time to understand how your body works and how it supports you
the easiest way is to go about it in a playful way, for instance …

you can get to know your body
once called a prison, an instrument or an outfit, who is it actually ?
it has now become a playmate
can you seek its company and enjoy being friends with your body ?
why don’t you acknowledge and team with it, instead of taking it for granted ?

your body speaks … sanskrit !
you can learn it’s language by tuning in 
you can sense within
an expansive open space (sukha) = yes 
a shrinking restricted space (duhkha) = no
no movement or not very clear = wait

you can listen to it and simply follow its guidance, you’ll be surprised
to feel how it constantly responds to the flow of the continuum
to realise where it takes you and how simply it handles things 

you can feel what your body needs every moment
and in doing so be honest about your tendency to rule and control it, about your addictions, etc
consciously or not, we are used to abusing and neglecting our bodies

you can question the way you habitually have your body DO workout and training
body play (āsana) is about finding again and again and enjoying inner balance (sthira-sukha)
this requires a combination of smart caring and softening (prayatna-śaithilya)
which helps reconnecting with ONEness (ananta samāpatti)
and frees you from duality eventually (dvandva anabhighāta)

you can feel how your body responds to impulses and stimuli 
a free body is spontaneous and playful, it interacts with other bodies and with what surrounds it 
it shares joyfully and get enriched by the contact with others, which is contagious 

any tension, stiffness or pain in the body signals a closed state and a restriction in the flow between oneself and the surrounding world. Prior to this there are one (or more) unresolved emotional wave(s) and superimposed mental patterns we have identified with and got attached to (a double defence mechanism)

you will find you own ways of refining your relationship with your body



but there is more to be found in the body
a true relationship with our body allows us to fully integrate the feminine and the masculine

by reconnecting with the sensation of it, we can remember that the soft all enveloping embrace of the divine feminine has always been there and has been surrounding, supporting and protecting us
including during the many millennia it went into complete oblivion
this eternal presence within and all around us keeps inviting us to completely surrender with infinite confidence
we can feel her loving touch in every single cells of our body

similarly, the purest and stillest radiance of the divine masculine is ever present in and around us
even within the suffocating and lifeless structures of declining patriarchy
when we acknowledge and face these, rather than avoiding the pain, 
the emprisonment suddenly dissolves and this quiet inner radiance becomes apparent 
which reconnects us with the power from where any impulse in life originates

we must acknowledge the feminine and masculine in the intimacy of our body
so it can happen collectively as well
our body is the place and the precious support of this experience



the bigger picture
this evening at 19:42 GMT the Moon is full at 12° Aries in a bridge (opposition) with the Sun in Libra 

Mars-Venus (the feminine) begin a new cycle (conjunction) in Virgo (oneness and wholeness), whilst Mercury (the masculine) is about to connect with the Sun in Libra (mirrored Self)




from cosmetic to cosmic

from cosmetic to cosmic

why our spiritual practice has become weak and ineffective


today is equinox day, everywhere on the planet night and day are equal
astrologically the Sun enters Libra
since the winter solstice (on 21 December last year) our human equipment (spirit-mind-heart- body) went through a series of reboots following the massive upgrades we have experienced over the past few years

our human operating system is now perfectly fitting for our Self to embody fully

and now is the balancing point of all polarities
the moment of truth when our Self can begin to manifest
the zero point, in which all possibilities are held
the blank of pure potential

we are disorientated, of course
yet we begin to reconnect with a reality we always knew existed
our deepest longing, our absolute truth

when we project on this reality the set of values, beliefs and practices we identify with
the old paradigm patterns and stereotypes perpetuate the suffering due to separation
and we feel stuck and disempowered

with our refined set of tools
how profoundly still can we be ?
how deeply can we breathe ?
how far can we expand?

all that is needed is to recentre, listen within, acknowledge, allow and surrender
there no path to follow, nowhere to go, nothing to do

this is our practice


happy equinox!



embodied consciousness

embodied consciousness

tomorrow, Sunday 26 February, is the second eclipse of the season and the first of two Solar eclipses this year. It will peak around 2:55pm GMT and won’t be visible in our part of the world

Solar eclipses happen on a new Moon, which means that the Sun is hidden by the transiting Moon (new Moon is when Sun and Moon overlap from our viewpoint on Earth)


this one is an annular Solar eclipse, also called ring of fire

the Sun (our eternal Self) will appear like a ring of light around the Moon (our embodied Self)


focus on the light and embrace it, that’s your radiant Self
let go of the darkness, whatever holds you back, and of the attachment to it
now is the time to be who you are, retrieve, resurrect and own all aspects of your cosmic Self
and do what you are here for

yes, BEing comes with a number things for you to do and roles for you to take

the ring of light has just begun a new cycle (conjunction) with karma (South node) and forms a bridge (opposition) with dharma (North node)-Orcus, who takes us into the invisible world


for the first time, the connection of spirit and matter is experienced consciously by our higher mind (buddhi)

this is a mystery and a rite of passage
celebrating the crowning (as in birthing) of embodied consciousness

the eclipse is ruled by Neptune, soon after it is over the Moon will connect with Neptune and the Sun will follow a few days later


and it is also an instantaneous light conception and inter-dimensional birthing
(a creation process of a new order)
by which consciousness shines through and radiates beyond the body

shortly after the eclipse, Mars, our body, will connect with Uranus, the male awakener, and the following day with Eris, the female awakener, in Aries, the sign of the spark of life


our body is about to become radiant, pure light
an autonomous self-sufficient and fully mature being
the best friend we can listen to and love talking to and playing with


right now, our body is restless and nervous, in joyful aching anticipation
it shows all sorts of signs of discomfort
listen, and give yourself what your body wants



in the watercolour above, 18th century German writer JW Goethe used a circle of light to symbolise the human soul and spirit



see in the dark

see in the dark

we begin to see what hasn’t been disclosed until now


it’s eclipse season again, shortly after midnight at 00:34 GMT on Saturday, the full Moon with be partly eclipsed (penumbral). Eclipses aways come in series of two (or three) at a fortnightly interval, so there will be a Solar eclipse on 26 February

the eclipse season is called a wormhole. It stretches from the Moon phase (new or full) preceding the first eclipse until the Moon phase (full or new) after the last one of them

to safely navigate a wormhole best is to keep a 360° focus, as anything can happen in that space and the most unexpected is likely to redirect and/or recentre us on Self

the Sun (our eternal Self) is in Aquarius and the Moon (our embodied Self) in Leo
together they keep the bridge into the new consciousness (the Aquarian era) open, whilst our heart attunes to and stabilises the frequency of love, the frequency of Unity consciousness. You can feel this happening within and around you now

balanced mind-heart give the tone: they are in a delightful and sensitive interplay
Mercury (our mind) is in Aquarius (the sign of unconditional Self love) and Venus (our heart) in Aries (the divine spark of life) form a resource (sextile)

our high mind is fully operational as a navigation device for life on Earth
the bridge (opposition) between the Moon and Mercury shows that we are in command of the device right in the middle of ourselves

Venus (our heart) brings that precious gift of Self love and the tremendous creative power it holds to Mars (our body). The frequency of love is being anchored in your physicality
Venus is about to begin a new cycle(conjunction) with Mars

but more striking is the the intricate lacework of connections the traditional planets, those we can see with the naked eye (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), are weaving with the newer planets (discovered by calculation or powerful telescope)

for the first time ever we can take a look behind the scenes and see what has been going on all along. The dimension we live in is enshrined in the fabric of a much wider mostly invisible dimension (and so on… like Russian dolls). We can acknowledge this now, because we can hold the related frequency. That’s how we discover new celestial bodies and reconnect with greater dimensions of ourSelves : although they are obviously there, they remain unnoticed until we start resonating with their frequency

the lacework of obvious and subtle connections between the planets of our solar system gives us a hint of the complexity of the orchestrated experiment that is shaping up on Earth. Although it has been planned from the onset of the entire journey of humanity, it takes the active creative participation of every individual. Some are already in position and others will step in as they fully awaken to their divine purpose


our personal body (consciousness-mind-heart-body)

our awakened consciousness is ready to manifest our life purpose on a grand scale
remaining debris of core issues are clearing, we remember who we are and own ourSelves
the Sun (eternal consciousness) forms a resource (sextile) with Uranus-Eris, with (Saturn)-Ixion, a manifestation (trine) with (Jupiter)-Haumea, a great eliminator (quintile) with Vesta, he is in intimacy (semi-sextile) with Chiron

far from being a threat, the chaos in the world, the collapsing and destruction of the old paradigm are creative forces supporting the implementation of the new order. Attune to and be devoted to Self and allow all processes
the Moon (embodied consciousness) forms a manifestation with Uranus-Eris, with Pluto, a resource with (Jupiter)-Haumea, a great eliminator with Chiron, she is in intimacy with Vesta

you know it all! you’ve been aware of the global shift much before it began, you’ve signed up for it. What stops you is attachment to outdated mental patterns. Dare create new forms that honour who you are and the new world you are envisioning
Mercury forms a resource with Makemake, a stepping stone with Ceres, in intimacy with Quaoar-Juno, (also in great eliminator-intimacy with the Moon nodes)

follow the longing in your heart, let go of karma (action, duty, allegiance to lineage) and embrace dharma (being, manifesting from love, enjoyment)
Venus is in a bridge with Makemake, a stepping stone (square) with Quaoar-Juno, (she also forms intimacy-great eliminator with the Moon nodes)

you upgraded body is fully functional as a perfect vessel for your spiritual experience on Earth. Learn to own and honour its sovereignty and self sufficiency
Mars forms a great eliminator with Orcus, intimacy with Neptune


our social body (body of humanity)

instead of focusing on the storms on the surface of the ocean, dive deep into them and feel the experience. Or zoom out and feel the global turmoil from a view point distant enough to give you some perspective and clarity and close enough for you to be part of the experience and live it fully
Jupiter is conjunct Haumea, in a bridge with Uranus-Eris, great eliminator with Sedna and Chiron

what is unfolding in the world is perfect design and purpose. By breaking all rules, trespassing all boundaries, shaking every single belief, the massive polarisation we are experiencing helps humanity at large see the truth. It actually supports individual and collective awakening and helps individuals step into their power (have their say, take action, own their worth…)
Saturn is in (exact) conjunction with Ixion, great eliminator with Sedna and Varuna


it’s not the time to rest, keep your heart-mind open and clear and centre in your divine Self on Earth



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