glimpses of events

archive 2016

the new archetypes
16-18 December 2016, seasons of silence, France
asteroids and newly discovered planets invite us to revisit myths from all over the world, in the light of our expanded consciousness, they will unveil unsuspected meaning

Lilith : the blind spot, the dot where my light is obscured

an (un)conscious pattern : I can see it, I can’t stop it
denial of self worth
compromise feeds the pattern and perpetuates it
fear is greater than desire
turn the tide

look after yourself and the world
26-27 November 2016, Vevey, Switzerland
let go of reductive conditionings based on separation and fear
optimise your human vehicle (consciousness mind, heart, body)
learn to navigate following your inner Sat Nav

“Looking into the water. Swallow the lake, Drink its water until the last drop. This is what this kindly looking woman was asking firmly.
With a little grin I was watching this blue grey standing vastness. The murmur of the waves was coming gradually towards me, whilst the backwards and forwards movement of the water rocked me gently. On this binary rhythm, my legs started moving by themselves. They moved towards the end of a little beach. Water in front of me, behind me. Clear, transparent, royal, majestic. Then the horizon line, the sky, a nebulous border between both spaces, both worlds. I breathe deeply! A hurricane arises in me, plates collide, both a relief and a pain in every single one of my cells. I cry. My entire being bursts out. The child in me sets herself free at long last. I make space for her, nature makes space for her. She exists last. I talk to her, I stay with her and reassure her, surprised as I am of all these years of I had forgotten about her. There is no time anymore. Yet I knew that my place was here and now, more than ever before.
Today I am well. I feel free to be and I am integrating this. I am alive.”

Sarah, 29 November 2016

connecting with your Higher Self
19-20 November in London, UK
access a greater perspective on your life, truly magical, transformational and empowering

when we do what we love doing there is lightness and spaciousness and joy, everything flows smoothly, synchronicity is felt everywhere.
we can love what we do, even if it isn’t our choice, and feel the same
when we do what we are good at, there is flow and ease, and when we love doing it, the flow is a continuum
love is the way we tap into the continuum, the interstitial space in-between all that is, the vibrational nurturing substratum of the universe
LOVE is the continuum factor

recognise your divine life purpose
11-13 November 2016, seasons of silence, France
the core strength of your limitless consciousness in this lifetime
an initiatory ceremony of Self recognition
your ability to (re)connect and tune in with who you truly are

respecting and honouring Self takes us across the bottleneck and instantly all is open again spacious and expansive beyond anything known before
navigation tips for today : centred and tuned to Self, follow the impulse and allow the decline, it’s all about the experience, nothing to do with the circumstances

honouring who I am : niyama
27-31 October 2016seasons of silence, France
in resonance with the niyama, all dimensions and facets of my multiple being, vivified by the vibration of sounds, the structure of words, the deep meaning all four bodies permeated by every single niyama, one by one

śauca : shining, being the light that I am
             Self= light = sound = love

samtosa : openess, index of happiness
             being grateful makes us happy      

tapas : what reconnects me with Self
             anything is possible when I am connected

svādhyāya : what touches me, what opens my heart
             instantaneous attuning with the Self

īśvara pranidhāna : unconditional Self love
             overabundance of Life

the golden egg
21-25 October 2016, Radhadesh, Belgium
hiranyagarbha, the golden egg or golden womb, is a Vedic myth telling how all that exists emanates from the universal germ
in our body, this luminous expansion comes about through the connection of the powers of sex and heart

the egg of the world is a seed, a potential for development
it unfolds and expands in all directions from the centre
all things are in a state of envelopment, of hidden or veiled potential
staying in the egg of the world is a phase of latency, a
phase of fertilisation in the heart of the world for beings and things

after René Guénon

pure light, your true nature
8-9 October 2016, Porto, Portugal 
drop the masks and the defences, acknowledge what is fragile and vulnerable within embrace your true being and be your Self, fully

this moment is a crucial one for humanity, it’s time for everyone of us to stand in our power and shine our light
the more aware you are, the more you are responsible of your own wellbeing and happiness
what you experience will impact on others and humanity altogether. It’s your responsibility to look for the beauty, harmony, happiness and joy in everything (there is always some)
BE happy!

thinking is creating
23-29 July 2016, La Falaise Verte, France
what I think manifests. Learning to create what makes me feel light, joyful, free and what makes my heart sing
in alignment with Self and divine planning, cit-citta-hrdaya, creative thinking is limitless