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the rainbow bridge

the rainbow bridge

your radiant Self, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, on 11-12 May 2019
to be truly yourself, you must remove all that is not you, remove the veils, so you can see reality as it is



what is a rainbow ?

the magical interplay of water and sunlight with air
a spectrum of light thrown across the sky

  • light is reflected on droplets of water suspended in the air
    consciousness gets in touch with matter

  • light rays are refracted, they change direction
    inviting re-direction, re-orientation

  • lights particles are dispersed and displaying a spectrum of colours
    creating a wonderful luminous space


as the structures of life (personal, societal and global) are crumbling
the life fabric is brittle and overstretched to tearing point

yet many light beings hold the space for the global shift to take place
they were born before it all started, they are anchored in the old world
they are mature strong courageous generous visionary beings
they will be there until the shift is complete, as they are anchored in the new world as well

together they form a bridge of light, a rainbow bridge, stretching across dimensions
to allow the safe transition of all beings (whether they do it consciously or not)

so this (in)visible subtle network of beings bridges the gap between old and new
they holds the space because they own the vision
they are super conscious multitalented versatile and highly resilient
they have been doing the splits for a long while and will keep in position until it is all done
they hold the light in the dark

they are beautiful feminine (doesn’t mean women), enveloping, caring, nurturing beings
supporting the shift, healing the wounds (their own first, obviously)


in astrology, centaur Chiron (a comet) is sometimes called the rainbow bridge
he supports and facilitates the inner healing by inviting all that belongs together and has always been ONE to defragment, reconnect and reunite

each phase of the shift brings up other stuff for transmutation and clearing, i.e. more and more subtle facets or layers of the wound that haven’t been seen and addressed all yet

healing the wound is crucial at this point and the rainbow bridge is where it happens
it is a band of frequencies (showing as the spectrum of colours), a state of being and a place
it provides the space and holds the frequencies it takes to disentangle the mesh, so that we can stabilise on safe ground (5D = unity consciousness) and live in the place of ONE (once called paradise)

no matter how elaborate the architecture and stunning the sight, we generally spend limited time on a bridge, it is a passageway. This light bridge is no exception, we will cross over and continue our journey


however, as we step into the new, let’s pay our respects to all the wise old souls who have volunteered to holding the space throughout the shift






a meditation circle on 12 May 2019 at the Barbican, London

in relation to the 5D weekend your radiant Self  on 11-12 May
watch the sky, put your life ad global issues in perspective
a glimpse of the bigger picture

starring is Sedna, the outermost planet or our solar system


to be discovered, by yourself or with others, preferably in the stillness of the night

enjoy the experience and the frequencies shared



the rainbow


allow, allow



and allow to settle, for a long time …



we are not alone, obviously !

we are not alone, obviously !

immense breath, a 5D consciousness weekend, on Arz Island, Brittany, France, 29-31 March 2019
beyond limits, an outdoor meditation at night, 30 March 2019
re-group, re-connect, take a breath and leap into the unknown



Arz, an island in the Morbihan bay


anchoring points
tuning forks
self awareness         through vibration


stone circles
cosmo telluric vortex
raising frequency
tremendous power
presences all around, connecting with them


massive opening
the defences fail          exposed


concentric circles
around our circle
guardians of the Earth
the great ancestors, keltic wisdom
non human beings
extraterrestrial presences, cosmic opening


expansion ad infinitum
proximity, connection, interaction
letting go, surrendering
allowing their impact

void – fullness



a few excerpts from the meditation (in French, listen to them and receive the initiation even if you don’t speak the language)

concentric circles





facing the bigger picture, you can drop the control
invite contact, welcome the support and allow the higher intelligences assisting the evolution of humanity to intervene

you can drop your illusions regarding the events and movements in the world: what appears on the surface hides the real situation




perfect communication

perfect communication


pura e autentica  /  pure and authentic
a 5D consciousness workshop on 16-17 March 2019 in Locarno, Switzerland

a straightforward, true, heart to heart communication, that of a new born
why is it so important ?
when we speak, various aspects of our Selves are being unveiled. If what we say or how we say it isn’t in tune with our essence, it creates a dissonance, which causes unease, i.e something in us shuts down painfully. This dissonance also disturbs and darkens the interpersonal space, which makes being heard and listened to much more unlikely



communication can be instantaneous, spontaneous and direct

no words are needed, hardly any form either
it is a vibratory transmission by resonance

pristine purity
tremendously powerful
impeccably precise
it comes in a myriad of specific sensations

transmission happens though the body
mind and heart are empty and vacant, they begin to vibrate and resonate
distorsion and loss of meaning are insignificant
they are due to the trouble the experience and cause for the receiver


we had this amazing experience in a group, as we connected remotely with a new born baby a few hours after his birth
what the information about the workshop was describing has become true, perfect synchronicity !

no words can describe the quality of what we experienced, simple sounds could perhaps tell a little more …
but what follows became obvious to all of us


when we reach such a level of quality in the relationship we have with ourselves
we can go through the moments of anxiety, fear, panic that block us or trigger our usual escape strategies

and in the relationships with others we can choose to
come closer to someone or let someone come closer to us
make contact of let someone touch us
reach deeper into his/her depth or let him/her open us more

confidence (in ourselves and in the other) can build up gradually because the purity of the common energy field at that moment gives protection, nourishment and comfort to both partners through every phase of their interaction






the space in between

the space in between

healing the wound, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, 9-10 March 2019

any wound tells us about separation from Self and Source
parts of us are disconnected from one another

we are dissociated from reality
we have lost touch with our Self
we are longing for Source …
healing our core wounds, reuniting what is divided, restoring what is damaged or corrupted is essential and the time is now !



extreme polarisation means extreme tensions

this exacerbates any unresolved issues, personal as well as collective
the slightest trigger will bring them up to the surface
which causes a lot of pain, so they are usually repressed
the result being increased rigidity and vulnerability

we also tend to put the blame on somebody or something else
which projects layers of reflections on one-another and adds to the confusion

this goes on and on until we are really stuck, fed up or both
meanwhile the wound remains untouched and well protected 

when we reach the breaking point, turning a blind eye to reality is no longer an option
we are forced to face it, which is a devastating experience
but the wound won’t heal otherwise

and when we are finally confronted with the open wound
what will really heal it becomes obvious 


sitting in the space in between the lips of the wound


in the middle of the wound there is a place of peace and stillness
(like in the eye of the storm)
if we settle there and listen, we will be able to feel the pulse of the wound
if our breath follows this rhythm, by breathing slowly from the stillness of the hub outwards,
we can gradually bring light (unity) to the surrounding darkness (duality) and start healing the pain

and by breathing more and more deeply we can turn the dot of light to a space, vast enough to embrace both lips of the wound, a inclusive space where they can come back together in unity


this means going up a notch and including duality in unity, a shift of consciousness


resolution of conflicts can only happen on another level (higher)




frequency of unity

frequency of unity

as part of the workshop healing the wound, a meditation circle a few days after the Pisces new Moon, 9 March 2019, London
around healing self, humanity and the world



listen, receive the initiations and stay with them for a while

  1. attuning


      2. astro background


     3. shine your light


enjoy !






body, my buddy, a 5D consciousness weekend in Vevey, Switzerland, 16-17 February 2019

to accept and really like your body, you need to get to know it bit by bit, from head to toes and though out
but you can’t really understand what it says to you, its language, unless you make friends with him

he is the one who shares your joys and pains, who tells you your truth (even the one you don’t want to hear or see it) and who shows you how to feel better and happier, he is your buddy



abuse of the body is due to misconception

I don’t see myself as I am
my body doesn’t reflect what I experience of myself
its shape, its qualities, its potential are not in tune with who I am
I stick an ideal on it, which would attest my inner realisation

illusion, these are only projections


I AM, that I am

whether I like it or not, my body is the expression of my essence
it is the equipment I chose to travel this lifetime
and have all the experiences I intended to have

it is defined, specific, hyper-specialised
it is also ever-changing, versatile, mutable … ad infinitum
within the range of my primary choices

it keeps evolving with my consciousness, gets older or younger depending on what I go through
and whether or not it is matches who I am


my body holds my signature, my dignity, my power

it silently attests the complete trust I have in myself
in my ability to overcome all obstacles, to meet all challenges
to remember who I am, what I came here for (which experience/which contribution)
and to fully realise that in this human shape and through it


this I rarely remember when I land on Earth





yaza = sitting outdoors at night by the lake,  8 February 2019, Annecy, France

a strong urge to attune with ourselves, a calling to be truthful and to live our life fully


following last week’s meeting under the twisted beeches in Verzy, near Reims, here are excerpts from the meditation circle by lake Annecy

these meditations are in French again, so you can either listen to the beauty of a foreign language you can understand or to the sounds and frequencies shared during the meeting


  1. tranquille, stable, lumineux


     2. plonger en soi-même


and beyond anything else the lapping of water …



power site

power site

the bigger picture
31 January 2019, twisted beeches in Verzy, near Reims, France

yaza = outside at night, the zen practice of sitting outdoors
star gazing, deep within oneself, attuning with Self
a necessary upgrade after both winter eclipses (on 6 and 21 January 2019)

the twisted beeches, a huge power site in Verzy, near Reims, inviting alignment and grounding, the French kings used to stay there before their coronation

here are glimpses of the descent within ourselves and the reconnection with the cosmos we experienced together

recordings are in French ! so if you can understand French it’s a great opportunity to dive into another part of your self and raise your frequency
and if you don’t, I’d recommend immersing yourself fully in the sounds of the language and absorbing the frequencies of the place and event, a sound meditation


  1. the inner work


      2. the bigger picture


bon voyage 



west face

west face

masculine and feminine reunited /maschile e femminile riuniti, 13-14 October 2018 in Locarno, Switzerland
a 5D exploration weekend on the complex notion of mascuiine-feminine



west face


the west face (paschima in sanskrit) is the posterior part of our body
structurally, a human body is build to move forward and our back is behind
thus the posterior part refers symbolically to our past

the west is were the sun sets. In India, traditional rituals at dawn are performed facing the rising Sun, facing the east, with the back turned to the west

through the posterior face or our body we are connected with our past, with what there was before, what happened then, i.e. a number of conditionings (instinctive, emotional, mental, cultural, spiritual …) going back to times gone, which yet keep defining and managing our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we like it or not

the relationships we keep with our past are of different kinds

  • our life story : our personal life path determined by the parts of our eternal Self that are active in this lifetime, by our evolutive potential and specific tendencies which bring forward our unique destiny. Since we aren’t very aware of who we truly are, we generally content ourselves with an insignificant version of ourselves of low value
  • blood line : biological heredity and material, morbid tendencies, psychosomatic constitution. The habits, preferences, ways of being and looking after our bodies, food, mind, emotions, consciousness … in our family. Environment, education, all kinds of studies, trainings and apprenticeships on all levels and the resulting belief and values system
  • preconscious defence reactions, such as flying, attacking, throwing ourselves forward, closing ourselves, freezing in panic … all that is imprinted in our cells and we share with mammals and other animals

unless we deliberately make other choices, internalised conditionings will force us to indefinitely repeat reductive patterns

moreover, the attachment we have for these layers of conditionings and habits, and for the associated values and limiting beliefs, tends to densify them in clusters of outstanding stuff causing  tensions, rigidity and blocks in your body. Any unresolved spiritual, mental, emotional issue will end up crystallising in our body

the global polarisation in contemporary world brings to the surface all that isn’t in tune with our essence and requires attention, thereby giving us a chance to deal with it


consequently, we need to take a leap of faith and free ourselves from conditionings and limits imposed by our personal, biological and collective past, and maintained by the energy we keep investing in them
this is both necessary and urgent !

ultimately, the most beautiful tribute we can offer to your past will be tu use it as a trampoline to step higher and move on in our evolutionary journey

to that end, we need to look into and optimise the relations between structures and flow within our body and between our body and the environment


specific work on the fascia and posterior muscular chains of the body, supported by adequate chest and abdominal breathing gives excellents results

here are a few examples



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