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west face

west face

masculine and feminine reunited /maschile e femminile riuniti, 13-14 October 2018 in Locarno, Switzerland
a 5D exploration weekend on the complex notion of mascuiine-feminine



west face


the west face (paschima in sanskrit) is the posterior part of our body
structurally, a human body is build to move forward and our back is behind
thus the posterior part refers symbolically to our past

the west is were the sun sets. In India, traditional rituals at dawn are performed facing the rising Sun, facing the east, with the back turned to the west

through the posterior face or our body we are connected with our past, with what there was before, what happened then, i.e. a number of conditionings (instinctive, emotional, mental, cultural, spiritual …) going back to times gone, which yet keep defining and managing our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we like it or not

the relationships we keep with our past are of different kinds

  • our life story : our personal life path determined by the parts of our eternal Self that are active in this lifetime, by our evolutive potential and specific tendencies which bring forward our unique destiny. Since we aren’t very aware of who we truly are, we generally content ourselves with an insignificant version of ourselves of low value
  • blood line : biological heredity and material, morbid tendencies, psychosomatic constitution. The habits, preferences, ways of being and looking after our bodies, food, mind, emotions, consciousness … in our family. Environment, education, all kinds of studies, trainings and apprenticeships on all levels and the resulting belief and values system
  • preconscious defence reactions, such as flying, attacking, throwing ourselves forward, closing ourselves, freezing in panic … all that is imprinted in our cells and we share with mammals and other animals

unless we deliberately make other choices, internalised conditionings will force us to indefinitely repeat reductive patterns

moreover, the attachment we have for these layers of conditionings and habits, and for the associated values and limiting beliefs, tends to densify them in clusters of outstanding stuff causing  tensions, rigidity and blocks in your body. Any unresolved spiritual, mental, emotional issue will end up crystallising in our body

the global polarisation in contemporary world brings to the surface all that isn’t in tune with our essence and requires attention, thereby giving us a chance to deal with it


consequently, we need to take a leap of faith and free ourselves from conditionings and limits imposed by our personal, biological and collective past, and maintained by the energy we keep investing in them
this is both necessary and urgent !

ultimately, the most beautiful tribute we can offer to your past will be tu use it as a trampoline to step higher and move on in our evolutionary journey

to that end, we need to look into and optimise the relations between structures and flow within our body and between our body and the environment


specific work on the fascia and posterior muscular chains of the body, supported by adequate chest and abdominal breathing gives excellents results

here are a few examples





cosmic pulse 3 / 4 , autumn equinox 
third weekend of a quarterly module on cosmic astrology, 21-23 September 2018 in Jouanvins





the main problem with balance is the idea we have of it
our understanding of the dynamics at work needs upgrading to a completely new level 




the 8th major arcana of the tarot of Marseille (born in the Middle Ages form a fund of traditional wisdom) depicts scales and shows how we understand balance in 3D


many symbols are encrypted of the picture, here are a few salent points :
a crowned woman, sitting on a throne in a hieratic attitude, holding a sword in her right hand and weighing scales in her left hand (note that both scales aren’t perfectly aligned)
the sword represents righteousness (masculine part) and the scales leniency (feminine part)
the arrangement of colours in the garment suggests balance of masculine and feminine and personal, relational and spiritual maturity


these few points illustrate perfectly some aspects of the sign of the Libra according to traditional astrology





from a 5D perspective, the essence of Libra widens considerably and keeps evolving moment by moment
the social dimension of ourselves, our growth and progressive maturation in contact with others, society and the world are highlighted




  • a human is an essentially dynamic and relational being
  • meeting and sharing with others, being confronted with their alterity and diversity are essential to his/her development and experience of self and forgent their capacity to be in the world
  • their inner balance is crucial, it is about standing on one dot (our physical gravity centre or another dot) and to establish relations with others and the world without loosing touch with this dot
  • they see themselves through their relationships, which serve them as a mirror, helping them to clarify who they are, enriching them considerably with their specific inputs
  • they don’t seek external validation and approval, but acknowledge their own worth within, when they regroup in their centre after a meeting
  • they interact with any life form indistinctly
  • their scope of action is multiple, multi-directional, they move outwards and expand in one or more directions simultaneously without ever loosing their centre
  • they know they are interdependent from the Whole they are part of and contribute consciously to its coherence and harmony
  • they are multi-dimensional and embody all dimensions of their cosmic being in this lifetime o Earth
  • they are mobile, versatile and knowhow to preserve the cohesion of their inner reality within the global reality
  • their perfection is the harmonic/harmonious evolution of their beings within the living whole



enjoy the upgrade !



know thyself !

know thyself !

real empowerment     2 / 2
second of a two weekend module on 5D consciousness in action, 8-9 September 2018 in London, UK



in order to develop and maintain a stable relationship with our cosmic Self, we have to do consistant inner work

even the deepest reflection and dedicated self-enquiry will never give us access to our core, let alone our higher Self

usually we are only aware of a small part of ourselves, whilst the greater part, which actually determine most of our behaviour patterns, remains unconscious. These tendencies will only become obvious on the surface when triggered by external factors (blessings in disguise), allowing us to acknowledge and integrate them, if we are aware enough and willing

the main obstacle to knowing ourselves is the ego. It protects the well established barriers it has built to separate our ordinary self from our core on the one hand, and from the rest of reality (our greater Self), on the other hand. In addition, it invests into every thought, feeling and action and monitors their slightest movements so as to preserve its limited/limiting authority

what it implies

  • full awareness and acceptance of ourselves, moment by moment
  • radical alchemical transmutation of any limiting belief
  • steady step by step descent into our core for guidance
  • moment by moment navigation of daily life 
  • no strategy, no goal, no intention, every step is taken in the now and strictly for that moment
  • daily life as constant test, reflecting any projection


only under these conditions will we gradually discover who we truly are, we will embody the full potential of our chosen destiny in this lifetime, we will consciously take part in the ever evolving perfection of our limitless cosmic Self






a 5D approach to the yama & niyama, 15-16 September 2018 in Glasgow, Scotland



resistance occurs when something in us blocks the natural flow of life between us and the environment. It is a reaction to stress due to being challenged to open to a greater truth 




what triggers us is often tiny and innocuous, yet it hits a tender spot below the surface it has got a sensory affinity with (sound, visual, smell…)






when we are in resistance we tend to say no, to reject and block the trigger (ignoring the actual cause of discomfort, obviously)



as long as we operate in defence mode, similar challenges will be recurring and we will need to protect ourselves more. We end up creating a shell, a set of reaction patterns like which gets harder and denser with time, which we use as our default defence mechanism. Same trigger, same reaction, reinforcing the defence again and again… this is extremely painful 



yet resistance is unavoidable and also positive. Resistance is a necessary stage in the process of evolution 


in opposing resistance what looks like a stumbling block will eventually turn into a stepping stone, allowing us to take the next step and move on 

the tension and friction caused by resistance help us gather strength and build a momentum, until we are ready to break through and let the defence go. The recurring triggers keep pushing our buttons and reminding us of the unresolved suffering



irrespective of the trigger, meeting resistance is a clear sign that the sore point that got impacted is claiming attention and we are ready to address it, but we may not be willing to face it. The gap between acknowledging that we need to take action and actually doing it can be big !




we go into defence because we experience something as a threat (whether it is real or not makes no difference), it is an instinctive reaction based on fear.  And when we are in fear our body, breath and vision shrink, we disconnect from ourselves and from the ebb and flow of life, from expansion and retraction, from evolution 

but we only feel threatened because fear was there before and we were already feeling vulnerable and unable to tap into our resources. 

by contrast, we are able to meet the challenges of natural processes of growth (any initiation of birth and death) relatively easily when prompted, provided we feel ready and resourceful 



in this instance instead, we are in a state of inner imbalance (we may have been there for a while) and the trigger forces us to see it, which is very unpleasant. The resistance is an ego based reaction of rejection towards ourselves, caused by an external factor, and the onset of a deep release. The resistance will dissolve when we feel one and whole again




thus experiencing a threat is also an open invitation to grow and mature, which we usually won’t recognise immediately and which will require some inner adjustments

resistance is the initial stage of a healing/harmonising process. Being in resistance allows us to turn inwards and go back to our core, from where we can open up, reconnect with the environment and trust that we are unconditionally supported in expanding further


remember that ultimately our resistance is always to embrace a greater version of ourselves




eclipsed … revealed !

eclipsed … revealed !

a retreat, an eclipse, 10-13 August 2018 at seasons of silence, Ardèche, France
to lose and to find yourself, when the resistances give in the essence appears


an eclipse is a door opening to yourself
a solar eclipse veils (so they can appear better) one or more aspects of yourself you still aren’t fully aware of 

it always takes you by surprise and allows you to discover what you expect least
what you already know but couldn’t (or didn’t want) to realise and embrace so far
from a view point you wouldn’t choose spontaneously it invites a face to face with yourself








thank you, Raf !    thank you, my son !



the new feminine

the new feminine

7-13 July 2018 at seasons of silence, Ardèche, France


we spent a whole week going back to the origin of everything : the primordial feminine

letting go one by one of all conditionings and stereotypes regarding the feminine

fully endorsing our masculine and feminine human nature (whether we are male or female) 

and honouring the feminine in all that is !

it isn’t easy to tell, actually
in short … and in images




did you get it ?





cosmic pulse 2/4
second weekend of the yearly cosmic astrology module, 23-24 June 2018 at seasons of silence, France




the three phases of the great work, which reveals the quintessence or philosophical stone

  • oeuvre au noir (nigredo) trial by earth
  • oeuvre au blanc (albedo) trial by water and air
  • oeuvre au rouge (rubedo) trial by fire

(see “l’oeuvre au noir” beautiful novel by French writer Marguerite Yourcenar)

transmutation : destruction, transformation and rebirth (on another plane)
purification, élimination of conditionings, attachments and illusions



initial phase, body dialysis (nigredo)



breathing cycles
in breath from left heal to left hand out breath from left hand to Sedna (the planet most distant form the Sun in our solar system as of today), in breath from Sedna to right hand, out breath from right hand to left foot, in breath from left foot to centre of the Earth, out breath from center of the Earth to right foot, and so on
reverse the movement after a while



second phase, opening of the heart (albedo)

inner reset, reconnection with Self

breathing cycles in pairs (also with a tree an animal, a mountain …) with physical contact
a. in breath from sacrum to left foot, out breath towards sacrum of the other (adapt according to partner), inbreathe from his/her sacrum towards my right foot, out breath towards my sacrum, etc
clockwise and anticlockwise, until you can feel great sweetness

b. same facing each other without being physically in touch
clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously, until you feel total confidence



third phase, mind : turning things around (rubedo)

activation of the essential potential of Self

choose an inverted pose, trunk above head, also on your sofa etc, and settle there to stay for a long while (must be confortable, obviously)
dare putting your mind to rest and give it the space to change its belief system
it will be complete when the mind is completely blank




emotional patterns

emotional patterns

emotional patterns
a experiential weekend to explore our emotional matter, 2-3 June 2018 in Leicester, UK


the word emotion means a movement outwards
when we have an emotion we are carried away from ourselves
and the completion of it is when we come back to our centre and settle there

emotions are the movements of our heart
if our heart is an ocean, they are the waves of the ocean
their cycle is to rise and break, they keep repeating it again and again
sometimes the ocean is still, but most of the time there are waves
every kind of emotion has got its own movement and pace, they also vary in intensity
these patterns are the natural expression of our moods and they are essential to our inner balance and wellbeing

emotions are waves in the ocean of our heart
when our heart is at peace, the waves rise and break as we interplay with what happens within and around us
they create magnificent patterns in the living fabric around our core, each of them emerging from our core and coming back to it
they manifest subtle ever changing multi-dimensional geometric structures, which reveal aspects of our being in resonance with what caused them (the same attracts and increases the same)
there is a feeling of connection and flow, our inner world and outer world reflect and enhance one another

when we are disturbed, overwhelmed or distressed instead, it is a clear sign that we are beside ourselves. Our emotional waves are strong and disruptive and we get easily upset
so called destructive emotions (such are anger or fear) are actually restorative
we get triggered because we are off centre, and the emotional wave takes us further out into a loop, so we can come back to ourselves eventually

the patterns these emotions follow is a self regulating modality inherent to our heart
these waves are designed to bring us back home when we got lost ourselves

one of the difficulties we have with emotions is that we tend block them
this is due to lack to emotional literacy and internalised programming

we are generally little aware of the nature of emotions, their movement, process and completion
and we haven’t been shown how to ride emotional waves
moreover due to deep seated, mostly unconscious conditionings (cultural, religious, spiritual…) we generally ignore, repress or rationalise them

our emotions express the movements of our heart, but we can feel them in our body, through sensations and feelings. We can easily access emotions via our senses, yet we often ignore the signs/symptoms in our body which signal them. Common escaping strategies consist in  numbing our body (with alcool, drugs, work, sports, hyper-stimulation…) or disconnecting from it (by living in our mind, dissociating…)

the problem is that repressed emotional waves stay with us and continue to impact on us until their full completion. A rising wave will have to break to complete its cycle and merge in the depth of the ocean again

emotions become seriously destructive when they remain unresolved
the recurring defence patterns we see ourselves fall into cause tremendous pain, because we are literally beside ourselves and unable to change it, and our attachment to dealing with them mentally results in more suffering

we can break the patterns by allowing the waves to break
allowing is the way, nothing much can be done
other than letting the suspended movement continue until its completion
we can ride most surface waves on our own, there are current affairs
traumatic tidal waves and tsunamis will require some help

transformation happens instantly, but it takes a while for it to show in our physical body
harmony is restored once we are back in our core and attuned with Self

living in hell

living in hell

into deep silence
a cosmic tuning ceremony, 19-20 May 2018 in London, UK



living in hell

hell is both a place and a state of being
where we are cut off from life, neither alive nor dead


disconnecting can happen when we move between planes and dimensions
this is a transition phase, in which we integrate what we have completed
and attune to the frequencies of what comes next
hell is when you land and stay stuck here due to trauma
unresolved trauma will affect you deeply and impact one every aspect of your life
until it is being addressed and resolved 
it is the only way you can move beyond it


you can’t stay in hell !

you are in a limbo, neither here nor elsewhere
you are depleted, distressed, disjointed and lost
all is dark, cold and dull
you are lonely, you don’t seem to belong anywhere
you feel separate from light and love
life is hard despite all your efforts
it hasn’t got much meaning


you need to come back from hell

at the moment of trauma you have chosen to live
you are a survivor, but you still have to come back to life
the longing and yearning are screaming so loud
when you acknowledge them
you will need some help
you can’t do it yourself


there will be help, it will show up

somebody, some people will be there for you and invite you back
light and love will call you back
again and again
until they resonate so strongly in you that the terror will give in
you will feel held and supported and loved unconditionally
until you take a first step
and another one
and another one
moving slowly away from hell
and back to life
until you are fully back here



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