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the beauty of the world

the beauty of the world


why beauty ?

disorder, corruption, violence are dissonant forms of beauty, which is the essential perfection and the norm of all that is

the further away from its essence a shape moves, the more altered, distorted, dissonant and painful it becomes. The loss of meaning results in distress and suffering. At its worse, the form becomes inert and toneless


similarly, whatever restores the essence of a shape, makes it more fluid and harmonious, responsive and complicit in the beauty of the world. As long as this shape remains consonant, its beauty is perfect, although constantly changing and evolving in interaction with the environment, which fashions and reflects it and vice versa


an injunction to make beauty a practical, intimate, relational, down to earth and daily practice
a highly demanding exercise, which brings to light the purest essence end integrity of our being

rather than the mostly conventional perfection of form, make space for the multiple, ephemera and ever-changing perfection of being

what we perceive of the world reflects our inner world
shapes and forms are harmonious when mind and heart are still and free, they are dissonant when we project our state of being into the world


there are obvious beauties …
the grass blades  beaded with dew drops under my bare feet
the instant when we meet with somebody
reaching the depth of the sky

demanding beauties …
painful noise wrapped in stillness, which is everywhere

the unbearable tension just before the resistance drops
the limitless fertility of chaos

there are unexpected beauties as well …
the rusty imprint on a metal plate
the tears of regret


how about our own beauty ?

it is primarily our frequency
an expression of our specific, unique essence, so precious for the world
our inner beauty arises, disseminates, radiates   everywhere

it is vibratory
it resonates, plays and exults with all that it is in tune with
on the same wave length

all that is being done, what should be, what is conventional is plated and doesn’t vibrate
no vibration, means no resonance, it is flat, lifeless !
this applies to anything and everything, without exception
our actions, our words, our thoughts, our dreams, out reality at large

programmation and/or loss of meaning, we are then besides ourselves and unplugged from your essence, disconnected

this is serious, but what is worse is that it darkens and weakens the world as well
the world is in a bad place
because we don’t assume the perfection present in every particle of  the matter that makes our earthly equipment

that’s why there is no other option than living our beauty fully
without question and without delay !



a glimpse of a beautiful world, a retreat held 30 May- 2 June 2019 in Lachenal, France
beauty is what makes your heart open and vibrate
the beauty you see around you reflects the beauty within you, your shining essence
what we want to see around us, we realise it within us and the rest ensues … spontaneously



be born and die

be born and die

after a meditation on being born and dying, participants share what most resonated with them, struck or overwhelmed them in a multi-layered and multi-dimensional transmission



the circle, the support of the circle, sharing …
the emotion … expressed and awakened in the body which unfolds gradually
this powerful energy of Life and Death which takes a different shade at the time of passing without disappearing …
Greatness, Light

the messages of the babies : huge enveloping and reassuring
transient, eternal tiny and immense …


message from trom the babies : SEE
union with the earth – tuttuno (all one) power
gratitude, thank you
and collective greatness



there is no trap !
meeting the now
coherence of who I am. Unity
honoured, seen and acknowledged in return






















passage, transformation, transmutation, exchange between multiple directions/dimensions, but one way
balance, stillness, complementarity, polarisation
universal, existential essential quantum of everything with everything
neither positive nor negative, simply different/specific and I must (allow myself to) experience it fully, accepting it without judgment possibility, questioning, messa in moto (impetus)
global perspective, coherence, encounter on other levels



heat … curiosity, love, needs, attachment …

death : very calm feeling … and behind it restlessness … as soon as there is attachment, restlessness increases …

birth of babies : they come from the space … light coming from the sky … a state of wellbeing …


exactly like what Paul’s hand generates in water : something precise, right and intense, then no more. Past, passage



source, light, one = all = whole
choice, love, welcome/received/fare parte (belonging)
turmoil, peace



widen, expanded vision, cycle(s)
everything comes, everything goes …
all that is



for me the meditation was a “blocco totale” (a complete block), apathy, physical and emotional stiffness, I felt out of place, helpless and lost. During the moment of integration – and with Sylviane’s powerful support ❤️ – all that collapsed, emotions surfaced and took me to the “place” where “all is well”, where everything, anything, is right and true. This place give a sense of freedom, peace and love



the topic was globally moving for me, a hot topic for some people in the group. For me (I am pregnant) it was good to touch on death as well, since by giving birth we give death as well and seeing both aspects is important.
I was moved  +++++ when leaving later on, I felt very emotional and things are still intense



the harmony of opposites by going through a very vast array of emotions, ranging from joy to forgiveness, from rage to love
vulnerability and certainty, the known and the new, connection and cohesion of the group, energy !

I take off
like a butterfly
I move on
beyond the whirlwinds
I am a star
fixed the sky
I look after you
the colours of the rainbow




glimpse of the 5D consciousness workshop on 29-30 June 2019 in Vevey, Switzerland

between black hole and star nursery, a transformation as radical and unavoidable as uncertain
there I am, facing myself : unlikely landmarks, random directions, undefined perspectives …
birthing the new or being born to the new ? by accepting to be reborn to myself more fully, I best assist the birth of the new world






meteorites and sun stroke


back from Egypt the day before the workshop, I share my first impressions with the group

over about eighty square miles, the White Desert, West of Egypt, is covered in meteorites : it was the impact point of an asteroid hitting the earth   ☄️💥

      • where did it come from ?

      • what did it bring along ?

      • destruction, information, something else ?

in any case, the cataclysm impacted an existing civilisation whose notable vestiges are still present in this area, untouched. This puts a big question mark on the datation of the sites on the Saqqara and Giza plateau, which are probably much older than the estimate made




I experienced this desert as an unearthly place, with phenomenal power and vertiginously high frequencies. It took me several weeks to fully get to grips with the place and fully appreciate what I have been through : a state of sideration !   

at the time I simply shared my astonishment with the group and everyone could feel the incredible power held in the handful of meteorites I brought back to Europe


the following morning we are standing in front of the rising sun for meditation

a few days before the summer solstice and after a huge thunderstorm the radiation was amazing
and the transmission received as well

at the end of the meditation most participants found themselves lying on the floor, hit by the bombardment of photons and codes, destabilised, shocked … and shining

once again, an exceptional intensity, specificity, precise individual upgrades and adjustments    ⚡️💫


following events of such caliber we come back to normal very quickly, everything falls back onto place, we move on … yet we are changed
even after some time, give yourself the space to fully acknowledge and decipher the message, so it can be fully integrated

      • which initiation ?
      • which opening ?
      • which implications for me ?

these extraordinary moments are reminder for us to remember who we are, where we come from, what we have been through, what we hold within and how to activate the potential


a glimpse of  “sacred living 2 / 4 ”, second weekend of a module of four
14-16 June 2019 in Thônes, near Annecy, France
make your life sacred, nothing less !
flawless authenticity, a very high and stable frequency, a spotless grasping of reality, transparency, openness, not the slightest attachment, that’s how you can live fully, in harmony with yourself, others, the earth, the cosmos



the essence of water

the essence of water

water comes from the cosmos

water is omnipresent in our solar system, including on reputably inhospitable planets, as it is in the desert from where I write this post, an ancient ocean
the water which covers a good part of the surface of our blue planet comes from far away
it is mystery, memory and ascension tool


sacred water

source of life, player in the green alchemy of photosynthesis, inexhaustible resource (water abounds on our planet, only our ignorance of its nature causes scarcity)
water is sacred : essentially, metaphysically, as an element of nature, as a support of experience during life on earth, as access key to our evolutionary journey


LIVING water, joyful
running, jumping, meandering, swirling, dancing, settling, sleeping, surging, regenerating all the time
when free, it keeps creating vortexes, form waves
when in touch with other elements whirling and turbulences arise,
water comes in an infinity of shapes and forms


water changes state easily, it simply moves from one shape to another

water is unaffected by extreme movements (tsunami, avalanche), molecules experience no  discontinuity and the intensity of movement has no incidence on their cohesion 

any drop of water eternally keeps the memory of who it is, i.e. a unique expression of the perfection of life

what is goes through and what it carries can alter or enhance water, yet its essential perfection remains untouched. When water is raised to its highest frequency, its pristine purity is restored instantaneously


water holds the metaphysics of cycles and processes in life, it is its way of manifesting the unity of life



our body is made of 70% of water, each molecule of which keep our unique signature, i.e the frequency we hold in this incarnation


polluted water

the cause of pollution of waters is internal
whether we are conscious of it or not, our inner waters are altered, distorted, de-structured. They carry our negativity, control, judgment, they are coloured by our unresolved emotions, they are trapped in limiting and obsolete belief systems, incapable of honouring LIFE


awareness got lost, due to ignorance, negligence or inattention, a deliberately programmed loss of consciousness


as a result the oceans, lakes, ponds, springs, underground waters …
water that got treated, canalised, bottled, stored, devitalised …
reflect our state of mind and mental patterns, show how shockingly distant and disconnected we are from ourselves, our environment and life in general

drinking water ? water in Paris, London or Tokyo 

cleansing our inner and outer waters is an urgent matter, waters must be raised to their highest frequency, where the perfection of their essence is revealed. By reconnecting with the uniqueness of our eternal essence, the purity of the waters of the planet will be restored as well

inner work means
transmuting the (mental and emotional) shapes that veil, alter, restrict our inner and outer reality
dissolving subtle forms of attachment to the conditionings that feed them
removing blocks and … which prevent further evolution

acknowledging our essence results in unconditional respect for all aspects of life
external work implies therefore coherent and responsible implementing in daily life
serious activism for causes that speak to us in a free-spirited global vision 

moving from the unspoiled nature of my Ardechan hamlet to Paris has been fluid for me. But swapping the taste of spring water for the water running out of parisien taps, that was simply impossible !
my solution was to have a highly effective filtering system fitted in and reactivating every drop of cooking, table, bath and watering water for my small urban garden
it was a way for me to sacralise my inner waters and a real support for my daily inner work 





a glimpse of
sacred living 1 / 4, yearly module, 5-7 April 2019 in Thônes, Annecy, France
make your life sacred, nothing less ! a flawless authenticity, a very high and stable frequency, a spotless grasping of reality, transparency, openness, not the slightest attachment


Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water


dance with life !

dance with life !

dancing, like playing, is a state of mind (not really something we do)

meeting life, everywhere, anywhere, in all things
particles, reflections, immensity, synchronicities, several superimposed and yet distinct dimensions …
the unexpected, always : surprise, being presented with something, opening and more … if I am there




encounter, contact vibration, resonance

dancing my life means sneaking into matter, allowing touch (e)motion and, with vibrating heartstrings, respond to them
the experience has little to do with circumstances and situations, it depends mostly on how I receive what comes my way and how I respond to it

giving sounds, the wind, a flavour my full attention, open and free 

being receptive and undefined (I don’t necessarily understand what is going on)
guard down, being exposed
intensely sensitive




dancing is the natural state of my unified field of consciousness

when I am ONE (accomplished, autonomous, responsible), my energy field is free and spontaneous and it dances
what it attracts to me amplifies and enriches my bunch of frequencies




if I can’t dance (anymore) (literally or metaphorically)

I am stuck in a kind of inner dissonance, my energy field is disturbed or damaged and I don’t vibrate anymore
in most cases I tend to project this dissonance outside myself and I see it reflected in the world around me
my perception always reflects my inner state
it is my reality projected, my gut, my moods, my emotions, my wounds (conscious or not) out, it’s also an opportunity for me to acknowledge them
what to do ?




join the dance, that is all I need to do

no need to learn the steps (there is no manual), i must join life and stay with the flow, drop the guidelines and let the flow flood and even overwhelm me, let go even of my lucky star for the calling of the moment



🎶  🎵               🎶  🎵            🎶🎶



a glimpse of
dance with life !  a 5D consciousness workshop 9-10 February 2019 in Annecy, France
raw material : anything you like, from the dance of the particles to the divine play or līlā, territory : micro or mega, as you prefer


the rainbow bridge

the rainbow bridge

your radiant Self, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, on 11-12 May 2019
to be truly yourself, you must remove all that is not you, remove the veils, so you can see reality as it is



what is a rainbow ?

the magical interplay of water and sunlight with air
a spectrum of light thrown across the sky

  • light is reflected on droplets of water suspended in the air
    consciousness gets in touch with matter

  • light rays are refracted, they change direction
    inviting re-direction, re-orientation

  • lights particles are dispersed and displaying a spectrum of colours
    creating a wonderful luminous space


as the structures of life (personal, societal and global) are crumbling
the life fabric is brittle and overstretched to tearing point

yet many light beings hold the space for the global shift to take place
they were born before it all started, they are anchored in the old world
they are mature strong courageous generous visionary beings
they will be there until the shift is complete, as they are anchored in the new world as well

together they form a bridge of light, a rainbow bridge, stretching across dimensions
to allow the safe transition of all beings (whether they do it consciously or not)

so this (in)visible subtle network of beings bridges the gap between old and new
they holds the space because they own the vision
they are super conscious multitalented versatile and highly resilient
they have been doing the splits for a long while and will keep in position until it is all done
they hold the light in the dark

they are beautiful feminine (doesn’t mean women), enveloping, caring, nurturing beings
supporting the shift, healing the wounds (their own first, obviously)


in astrology, centaur Chiron (a comet) is sometimes called the rainbow bridge
he supports and facilitates the inner healing by inviting all that belongs together and has always been ONE to defragment, reconnect and reunite

each phase of the shift brings up other stuff for transmutation and clearing, i.e. more and more subtle facets or layers of the wound that haven’t been seen and addressed all yet

healing the wound is crucial at this point and the rainbow bridge is where it happens
it is a band of frequencies (showing as the spectrum of colours), a state of being and a place
it provides the space and holds the frequencies it takes to disentangle the mesh, so that we can stabilise on safe ground (5D = unity consciousness) and live in the place of ONE (once called paradise)

no matter how elaborate the architecture and stunning the sight, we generally spend limited time on a bridge, it is a passageway. This light bridge is no exception, we will cross over and continue our journey


however, as we step into the new, let’s pay our respects to all the wise old souls who have volunteered to holding the space throughout the shift






a meditation circle on 12 May 2019 at the Barbican, London

in relation to the 5D weekend your radiant Self  on 11-12 May
watch the sky, put your life ad global issues in perspective
a glimpse of the bigger picture

starring is Sedna, the outermost planet or our solar system


to be discovered, by yourself or with others, preferably in the stillness of the night

enjoy the experience and the frequencies shared



the rainbow


allow, allow



and allow to settle, for a long time …



we are not alone, obviously !

we are not alone, obviously !

immense breath, a 5D consciousness weekend, on Arz Island, Brittany, France, 29-31 March 2019
beyond limits, an outdoor meditation at night, 30 March 2019
re-group, re-connect, take a breath and leap into the unknown



Arz, an island in the Morbihan bay


anchoring points
tuning forks
self awareness         through vibration


stone circles
cosmo telluric vortex
raising frequency
tremendous power
presences all around, connecting with them


massive opening
the defences fail          exposed


concentric circles
around our circle
guardians of the Earth
the great ancestors, keltic wisdom
non human beings
extraterrestrial presences, cosmic opening


expansion ad infinitum
proximity, connection, interaction
letting go, surrendering
allowing their impact

void – fullness



a few excerpts from the meditation (in French, listen to them and receive the initiation even if you don’t speak the language)

concentric circles





facing the bigger picture, you can drop the control
invite contact, welcome the support and allow the higher intelligences assisting the evolution of humanity to intervene

you can drop your illusions regarding the events and movements in the world: what appears on the surface hides the real situation




perfect communication

perfect communication


pura e autentica  /  pure and authentic
a 5D consciousness workshop on 16-17 March 2019 in Locarno, Switzerland

a straightforward, true, heart to heart communication, that of a new born
why is it so important ?
when we speak, various aspects of our Selves are being unveiled. If what we say or how we say it isn’t in tune with our essence, it creates a dissonance, which causes unease, i.e something in us shuts down painfully. This dissonance also disturbs and darkens the interpersonal space, which makes being heard and listened to much more unlikely



communication can be instantaneous, spontaneous and direct

no words are needed, hardly any form either
it is a vibratory transmission by resonance

pristine purity
tremendously powerful
impeccably precise
it comes in a myriad of specific sensations

transmission happens though the body
mind and heart are empty and vacant, they begin to vibrate and resonate
distorsion and loss of meaning are insignificant
they are due to the trouble the experience and cause for the receiver


we had this amazing experience in a group, as we connected remotely with a new born baby a few hours after his birth
what the information about the workshop was describing has become true, perfect synchronicity !

no words can describe the quality of what we experienced, simple sounds could perhaps tell a little more …
but what follows became obvious to all of us


when we reach such a level of quality in the relationship we have with ourselves
we can go through the moments of anxiety, fear, panic that block us or trigger our usual escape strategies

and in the relationships with others we can choose to
come closer to someone or let someone come closer to us
make contact of let someone touch us
reach deeper into his/her depth or let him/her open us more

confidence (in ourselves and in the other) can build up gradually because the purity of the common energy field at that moment gives protection, nourishment and comfort to both partners through every phase of their interaction






the space in between

the space in between

healing the wound, a 5D consciousness workshop in London, 9-10 March 2019

any wound tells us about separation from Self and Source
parts of us are disconnected from one another

we are dissociated from reality
we have lost touch with our Self
we are longing for Source …
healing our core wounds, reuniting what is divided, restoring what is damaged or corrupted is essential and the time is now !



extreme polarisation means extreme tensions

this exacerbates any unresolved issues, personal as well as collective
the slightest trigger will bring them up to the surface
which causes a lot of pain, so they are usually repressed
the result being increased rigidity and vulnerability

we also tend to put the blame on somebody or something else
which projects layers of reflections on one-another and adds to the confusion

this goes on and on until we are really stuck, fed up or both
meanwhile the wound remains untouched and well protected 

when we reach the breaking point, turning a blind eye to reality is no longer an option
we are forced to face it, which is a devastating experience
but the wound won’t heal otherwise

and when we are finally confronted with the open wound
what will really heal it becomes obvious 


sitting in the space in between the lips of the wound


in the middle of the wound there is a place of peace and stillness
(like in the eye of the storm)
if we settle there and listen, we will be able to feel the pulse of the wound
if our breath follows this rhythm, by breathing slowly from the stillness of the hub outwards,
we can gradually bring light (unity) to the surrounding darkness (duality) and start healing the pain

and by breathing more and more deeply we can turn the dot of light to a space, vast enough to embrace both lips of the wound, a inclusive space where they can come back together in unity


this means going up a notch and including duality in unity, a shift of consciousness


resolution of conflicts can only happen on another level (higher)




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