who I am

my life is a creation


sensitive, curious, I feel, I search, I experiment, I create, I share … everything everywhere beyond appearances and paradoxes


my cues are smell and sound, that’s how I find my bearings and I sense what is right, true, authentic
purity and beauty always move me and make me cry, the emotion opens me up to the essence of beings and things


when I cook, I like combining colours, flavours and textures preparing food that satisfies, unifies and creates an explosion of joy in your mouth
I do the same with everything else, generating a movement which invites difference or dissonance to find a coherent form which restores wholeness and resolves paradox, tension and suffering  


between heaven and earth I make spaces and dimensions resonate
I am a citizen of the cosmos born under the sign of Taurus
head in the sky and feet on the ground (or the other way round), I am a tree of life

born in the old world, I enjoyed the pearls of wisdom buried in millennia-old traditions, but I am definitely rooted in the eternal sovereign consciousness of infinity

I have drunk from the sources of the First People in America, Asia, Africa, Australia … and in Europe
my research is eclectic, unconventional, it takes me in all directions as I make inner discoveries, and they evolve with me

nurtured by the elements and nature, i move through humanity’s root network and across the forms of the system, between the gaps of the net, and I connect all sorts of expressions of light and love


I am an ongoing creation


I am multiple, ever-changing and unpredictable, but here is what you can expect

I have insight and am a catalyst, awakener, alchemist and revealer of essence
it is quite simply a way of living.

a close relationship with the Self and my life experience nurture all my talents
the entire field of my experience becomes a space for transformation that is dedicated to you
and the vibration created by our exchange throws light on what brings you back to the Self


I have insight

I hold a limitless space and the field of all possibilities
you own the space and choose what you want to experience
you take responsibility for manifesting it, moment by moment



I facilitate awareness
I induce the chain reactions which make you change radically
move on, open up, let go, integrate

and weave a life that is really yours



I shake, I disrupt, I disturb, I trigger and force to react
I question beliefs and attachments, pinpoint limitations and blocks
prompting what is free spontaneous authentic to arise



I hold the light and contain the power of fire
you get your initiation and go through the transmutation until full integration
and are reborn on another level



how ?

life in and around us is perfect as it is
I highlight and show this perfection to you

every session is unique, it is born from the magic of our meeting
It takes place in a protected space that brings things to light
I hold the space and frequency and allow you to see yourself as you are
you are accompanied and safe, you can let go and go deep
you can reconnect with your Self and access your inner resources
the adjustment happens instantaneously

in a group meeting, I facilitate a collective creation around a topic, a personal and global endeavour
born in its own time-space, it combines the dynamic between participants and circumstances of the moment
the highest frequencies held support energy adjustments and consciousness leaps for each participant

let’s meet





where ?
I have come from far away, was born and live in Europe, I am citizen of the cosmos

culture, imprints and beauty of the Old world, fascination of elsewhere, anchored in the New Reality
Geneva, Berlin, London, the south of France, Paris, the South of France again as successives bases, where next ?

I navigate the system in those parts of Europe
in between

I explore ancient traditions of America, India, Egypt, Australia …
conventional and less so : education, music, art, metaphysics, philosophy, medicines, research in all directions

sensitive, curious, I feel, I seek, I experiment, I create, I share … everything and everywhere beyond appearances and paradoxes

some of my core values in everything : truth, integrity, authenticity, harmony, beauty
I love connecting infinitely big and infinitely small, mind and heart, ancient wisdom and contemporary discoveries

for ever urged to live outside the box

committed to be true, to express the truth, to birth the truth

nostalgia of Self, longing for unity, love

an antenna between cosmos and the Earth, connection, I resonate in spaces and dimensions
new consciousness, 5D



 5D consciousness  (Tracey Ash, Maartje Kreuzen, Laurie Galfetti)


yoga (tradition of TK Krishnamacarya/TKV Desikachar)
 cosmic astrology (Stephanie Azaria)