all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned  all conditioned


manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated  manipulated 



programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed  programmed 


trapped in a matrix of illusory forms which limits our experience of reality and prevents us from evolving further


our freedom ?

little actually, apart from acknowledging and embracing our destiny
reality at large is much more complex than we imagine and our existence and every single movement we make is interdependent from all that exists


our choices ?

an infinity of evolutive experiences are possible within the frequency and vibration of our essence
we don’t have much choice otherwise, due to global programming which controls and muzzles our human shape in this lifetime


our mouvements ?

minimal or ample, visible or invisible, in resonance with our essence (or not)
what we bring and what we are busy with on this earth place isn’t necessarily obvious (for us and others)
for many of us there is no movement, dead calm, despite/because of constant agitation


rhythm ?

it isn’t really in our hands, far too many factors don’t depend on us
what must happen, karmic contracts, will happen, but the time-space of the encounter is
extremely malleable and stretchable


suffering ?

being identified with forms, behaviour patterns, beliefs that are incompatible with who we truly are (typically poor and corrupted versions of ourselves)
this is a major programming


we are all  all  all  all  all  all   all  all  all  all  all  all  all in the same boat



and yet


we are ever becoming perfection and accomplishment
individually and as part of a collective project.
in a timeless open space providing support and inspiration

every movement of every single being enriches both the personal and collective field of experience
the common space holds an infinite potential of synergic living and co-creation
and multiplies the possibilities for everyone to evolve further



free mouvements in interaction with an artwork by Olafur Eliasson



real joy

Self piercing through, smashing the false matrix and setting itself free, anytime anywhere
set free from the straightjacket of limiting beliefs, our blissful body spontaneously expresses the countless facets of its essence



extracting the essence

extracting the essence

the fire at Notre Dame in Paris caused a lot of emotions, identifications and projections. Now the tumult and overwhelm are over, movements are slowing down, what is dense and heavy is settling
back to ourselves



to make a herbal tea
we throw a handful of plants in water at room temperature and we heat the water to the required temperature (it depends on the plants we use). The active components of the plants are released progressively as the heat increases and they add gradually their specific qualities to the complex mixture. Once the desired temperature is reached, we let steep and flavours intensify and harmonise with one another until perfect balance, then the beverage is ready to be enjoyed. We don’t keep the plants (unless a second infusion is possible), once their function is accomplished, they are composted and return to the Earth


in the case of Notre Dame, the element of surprise, the intensity of the show and the powerful symbol generated huge empathy and an abundance of generosity (one can question their purpose though). The dreadful fire brought to light beautiful human qualities and prove that we are capable of true solidarity. A sign of awakening consciousnesses !

what if the purpose of the fire was awakening (personal and global) ?

a disruption, reminding me that the fire that doesn’t burn, my consciousness, lives in the heart of my inner city, and that remembering who I AM, implies that is up to me to burn all that clutter in me which veils the essence of my BEING

if the splendour of my inner building, my HUMAN BEING, is restored, the cathedral can be rebuilt (or not !)



to make a floral essence
we are in presence of several pure consciousnesses: the ones of the flower and of the alchemist, of the Sun and of water. Encounter, communion. The alchemist puts the flowers in a big transparent bowl filled with spring water, the Sun does the rest. Silence, void-fullness, synergy. The quality of the essence extracted reflects the level of consciousness and state of being of the alchemist, the consciousness of the rest of the team is stable by nature


everything hinges, therefore, on how I contribute to the global balance

a higher level of consciousness requires a higher level of consistency
my negligence, my avoidance impact on any situation and the global picture of the planet, this is my part

following the powerful reminder of Notre Dame, to replicate the shape without transforming the substance would creating a (spiritual, aesthetic, historic…) veneer and perpetuate a world that non longer exists (due to my identification and attachment)

unless my BEING is really truthful and attests its essence in its relationships with all that is, the rebuilt nave will be an empty shell, because hatching as already taken place


may what happens through me testify to who I AM



the power of fire

the power of fire

in memory of Notre Dame of Paris
15 April 2019


the movement of fire is ascending
it consumes what it touches
and lifts it to the next state of being



fire operates transmutation, the alchemical process
that marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of another one

death and rebirth (on another plane)


what was there is no longer and won’t be there again
no replica can bring back the past, the treasure in within



the old is gone, the new is appearing
the urge to restore form, beauty, to preserve history, to honour tradition, spirituality masks (eludes ?) the power of a global initiation


the forest of the nave is gone
but the crown of thorns is rescued (symbol of the passion of Christ)

irony ? attachment to suffering ?



the return of Light, resurrection (Easter) in the opencast cross of Notre Dame

a vision and a choice (personal and collective)


  • embrace the new, transmute the old, navigate new realities and acknowledge who you are and what life on Earth is about
  • or click the repeat button



idle vs routine

idle vs routine

first spring day today 
why don’t you go idle ?


allowing space 







growing within

being still







that happens








inner and outer reality mirror each other 

your inner weather (moods, state of body-heart-mind) alters your vision of reality
like when you are worried and our inner movie feeds any worst case scenario you can think of 
like when you are short fused, due to rubbing irritation, internalised anger or else, and anything vaguely resembling fire or the colour red triggers you
like when you are stuck and the entire world should be put on hold, because you can’t move on


perception is projection, by default

even when you are completely present and focused, what you perceive of reality is a projection of your inner world

you see what you expect to see, consciously or not
like when you read reality through your favourite grid and see an evidence or bad omen in everything

you don’t get a full picture, but only what you are aware of
like when you overlook big chunks of reality, which don’t fit in your box or could question it

your vision goes through the funnel of your limiting belief system, which shrinks and colours anything you get in touch with
like when based on your own feelings, you assume what someone else is going through must be tough


living in the now is not enough

it doesn’t stop you from projecting your reality into your world, unless you take off your sunglasses, aka the layers of stuff that darken your perception

living in the now doesn’t save you the trouble of sorting out your own issues, on the contrary, the necessity of inner work becomes so obvious

as long as you hold on to your projections (remaining attachment to old paradigm)
your perception is altered
your understanding is programmed
your creation is fake


what if we faced reality through void and stillness ?

practically, nothing,    n.o.t.h.i.n.g                           pure awareness and consciousness
like the empty space within and in-between things where anything is possible

in a human shape we are not pure undefined all encompassing consciousness, we are defined and equipped specifically for the tasks at hand, instead


pure awareness and consciousness, then

this quality and this level allow us to touch pure consciousness (within and around), letting our instrument resonate with it and express itself in its unique way




lift the veil !

lift the veil !

great transformation

big changes happen in small steps, some of them hardly noticeable
shaking, a crack                    or is it the other way around ?
a crack, shaking
yet shapes tend to perpetuate themselves and regenerate
again and again

an inner urge more and more disruptive
frictions, tensions, frustrations           burst !
release, things settle down, dead calm or not, maturation           patience, resilience
until what cannot continue gives in, breakup


twilight, for a long time


some light at last, zero point !

an impulse, light and joyful, obvious
another phase begins, momentum
nomadic life, inconsistant, following the wind, without a goal or destination
completely open, undefined


some more light, there it is !

drop-off point, a whole other life, complete reboot, change of plane
start over
infinite possibilities
here now, every moment


that’s how Marcus and I have split up, I left my paradise in Jouanvins, Ardèche, and after a few months of wanderings around the world, I have now settled in Paris, at the Butte aux Cailles

my new address is at rue de l’Espérance, in Paris, France
espérance means hope, aptly named, isn’t ?



looking up at the sky

looking up at the sky

… and stars in your eyes

an insistent inner demand, as we continue to unwrap the tremendous package received on 21 December at the winter solstice

access the bigger picture
embrace further
until you can feel great peace

be totally still in the now
truly there
and feel the joy


happy new year 2019 !



rest of the grey matter

rest of the grey matter


you can allow your grey matter to relax, give it a chance to let go
put it to complete rest
the benefit will be immediate 

rather than the mind, the matter of the brain itself can become loose

mental activity is put on hold, of course
alertness and inner awareness as well

with the grey matter, your entire body can rest and reset
it’s such a treat !



listening to the recording won’t be difficult
but letting physical stillness settle down may be more of a challenge
sometimes you will catch yourself daydreaming, like we do on a beach



sounds of the waves, to be listened to again and again






of unity and wholeness
you leave nothing aside
you remove nothing

you take it all instead, you are all that

you dare being different

without complying or bending
you stand there
you let your essence and the unspeakable
your vulnerability
your power
shine through







early this morning, in the oblique light of the first sun rays I could feel
the peaceful enthusiasm of the particles in the unified field of consciousnsss
random-non random mouvements
singular and united

enthusiasm, literally in presence of God, inspired by God, then ONE and WHOLE

outburst of joy, infinite gratitude
galvanised !



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