creative change
from to do lists to being the change

what is change?

there has always been change on Earth, change is inherent to prakrti, it is the only thing permanent in the manifest world, parinâma vada. Change is the underlying law allowing permutation of elements, movement, shift, transformation, transmutation, evolution … It is an expression of conscious and deliberate intention on planes of consciousness we have little access to, but of which the movements of celestial bodies in our solar system and beyond are a reflection

ancient wisdom and the study of star movements convey an understanding of change, which aligns with shorter and longer cycles or eons. These provide successive waves of humanity with ever renewed fields of experience, prakrti, a propitious playground for using free will individually and collectively

without change, we wouldn’t be able to change our minds, gears or directions, there would be no free will. We would be like puppets manipulated by an unknown artist, totally dependent on his every finger movement. This is not the way we experience ourselves though, we are aware of (and possibly identified with) our free will, because we know (within) that we are essentially free and that nobody and nothing can deprive us of this freedom. Even when we feel trapped, abused, silenced, soiled/obscured ?… that glorious shining part of us we call consciousness, purusha, retains its pristine perfection, clarity and bliss

from that perspective, the ever changing world in which we live reflects facets of our eternal Self, which is having an embodied experience on the playground called Earth. The constant mirroring of our eternal consciousness in versatile matter we are presented with in our human condition offers us countless opportunities to see, acknowledge, recognise and own aspects of ourselves until we embrace our divine Self fully and shine our light

what change?

the change we are currently undergoing is unprecedented as far as human memory goes back. Not only does it mark the transition from a dark age, kali yuga, to the next golden age, satya yuga, but it is also the shifting point and reconnection with Source of much greater cycles, kalpa – a topic which is beyond the scope of this short article

the implications of this major paradigm shift remain beyond our understanding so far and it affects our current belief system. We are moving out of linear time (in any shape and form) to settle in the now. The present moment is the only reality that exists and when we are in the now, the instant expands into an unlimited space, a place of infinite possibilities from which we can choose what we want to allow in that moment. Choice is in the moment, in every moment and it applies to that moment only. I can change options and directions at any moment, provided I am in the now I can adjust, pick one or more possibilities and constantly allow exactly what I want

this questions the received or preconceived ideas we have about time, timing, planning, deadlines, targets etc. Time as we understand it and all time related matters may well be an illusion, an inbuilt self-limiting programme preventing us from perceiving reality as it is: an undefined, highly stretchable, malleable, resilient continuum in which any dot can instantly connect with any other dot(s), in which everything is therefore possible any moment provided we are fully present and we choose to allow or manifest it

this implies that any choice we make, any option we take continuously contributes to co-creating the living network of the global reality we are a part of. To reclaim our sovereignty as conscious, responsible, selfless, individuals in the living body of humanity is today’s challenge. ‘Homo luminous’ is that individual who owns his/her spiritual light and shines it

from karma to dharma

the law of karma is time bound. It perpetuates the model of a linear chain effect of in which an input lasts until the energy involved is depleted. In the now, an input can take one or more directions. It can replicate in several dimensions simultaneously. It can be deliberately transformed or transmuted at any moment in any of these dimensions, as consciousness chooses. In the now, everyone is autonomous and responsible for themselves within the interconnected global network. We are free to navigate any realm of life following personal preferences, inclinations or callings, in accordance with the greater picture we intuitively have access to. In the now, an unconscious or fear based action we become aware of can be consciously readjusted or redirected, becoming thus a stepping stone to greater awareness and Self consciousness. In the now, dharma, universal law and order and personal surrender to them is one and the same thing, karma = dharma, we consciously take responsibility for our actions and create the change we want to see happen

be the change

instead of being subjected to the inner transformation change requires, we can choose to become agents of change by embracing that reality and keeping up the momentum. Admittedly, this is a high speed exponential curve to a Self based experience of reality. We can choose or be exposed to this curve, it is entirely up to us!

here is a simple way of connecting to Self guidance for orientation and navigation in the now: turn inwards and centre within, connect with Higher Self and tune in, listen to your heart and allow, that’s it! Enjoy!