2018 programme in gestation

it will be published shortly

cosmic astrology
the bigger picture

unity consciousness
establishing 5D, the new paradigm

cosmic tuning ceremonies
reconnecting with Self

Self revealed

cosmic astrology

the universe at the service of new consciousness

chart readings 

astro coaching


where am I at ?
zoom on my current situation from the galaxy
what I am presented with actually, challenges and evolutionary potential in the now 


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a clear vision and a range of possibilities anytime in all circumstances
a glimpse at into your life contracts and their realisation

modalities   Skype, FaceTime or phone, by appointment
fee   150£



awakening accelerator
a monthly/quarterly reading of your birth chart
the cosmos reflects our consciousness and vice versa, a powerful navigating tool



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by repositioning and orienting yourself all the time, empower yourself and become ever freer and more connected
a reading at regular intervals around your birthdate

modalities   Skype, FaceTime of phone, 45’ monthly/quarterly session and recording
fee   100 £



unity consciousness
the Self in the world : commitment and responsibility, experience of unity

manifestation labs 

bring about the reality you want to live in
ONE consciousness, ONE world, ONE humanity

unity is our true nature. In unity you know that all that is is one and that you are part of it
you can feel it in your body, the way all its parts, functions and systems contribute to its beauty, harmony and perfection. You can also feel it in nature, following its cycles and seasons of growth and decay which make its magnificence, resilience and constant evolution. You can feel it in your heart, the way it is touched, moved and shaped by any expression of love in yourself and in your interactions with the world. You know unity so intimately, because it is the essence of your being
separation is an illusion. It happens when you disconnect yourself from the whole and get isolated in your limited ego self. Then the difference that makes the uniqueness of every being becomes greater in your eyes that the oneness they all resonate with. Then identity and external attributes become more important than the spark of light that is hidden within
focusing on the tidal waves on the surface of things will inevitably drag you between extremes. Go deeper, dive into yourself and find the place where all is ONE. There the veil of illusion is lifted and all fear based patterns, which feed the circle of violence dissolve and vanish. It is your responsibility to consciously turn inwards, reach the eye of the hurricane and let the illusion disappear. Open your eyes, open your heart and allow the transmutation of all violence into love. On this condition only the world will be ONE

experiential retreats

multiple dynamics in an open space, an infinity of experiences

living creation workshops

transformation catalysts : outside the box everything is possible

cosmic tuning ceremonies

initiation portals into other dimensions : expansion of consciousness


rising star 
let Self operate and allow the alignment

a powerful energetic adjustment, phasing of all levels of the person


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from universal source to individual source 

a healing system established and transmitted by Derek O’Neill

modalities   3 sessions at 3 weeks interval, remotely or in person, by appointment
fee   120€ per session


prema birthing 
be reborn to your essential nature

reconnecting with the Divine Mother   

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gentle touch for rebirthing

a healing system established and transmitted by Derek O’Neill

modalities   in person only, by appointment
fee   120€ per session




all modalities available, remotely or residential


lire la suite

an open space for an individual à la carte maturation and transformation

dates and options   to be agreed, please contact me
venue   seasons of silence Jouanvins, 08160 St Genest Lachamp, France
fee   70€ /hour, accommodation 60€/day (30€ for an extra night)
access   road : A7 motorway, exit Valence Sud or Loriol, then towards Privas, Le Cheylard St Barthélémy-le-Meil, St Christol, Les Ducs to seasons of silence. Train : Valence TGV then train or bus to Valence Ville, then bus at 9:45, 14:45, 16:30 and 19:05 (Mon-Fri) to Le Cheylard where we will pick you up. Return journey : arrival in Valence Ville at 10:05, 13:25 or 18:40 (Mon-Fri), at 9:25 (Sat). No buses on Sundays and holidays


Seasons of Silence



an interactive space : blooming consciousness, cross-pollinisation


a blog is the virtual version of a meeting place (coffeeshop, pub, forum), where everyone is enriched by shared experiences and where new possible developments germinate. By contributing to it, at the time of the meeting or later, your nurture life in  yourself and the living network altogether


your texts are like plants with seed capsules which aren’t totally ripe. I read them in great stillness, I let the words settle and listen with my ears and my heart. This generates heat, which ripens the capsules. All of a sudden they pop open and free their seeds, which will grow something new in me, which you don’t hold. You have given it to me by feeding and taking care of the plants. Your let the sun, the wind and the earth, days and nights do their job. I come towards you with time, stillness and a resonating expectation. Happiness, meaning, fullness and love result from that


Marianne, Zürich, Switzerland

booking and payment


group event 


a 150€ deposit confirms the booking for a weekend or retreat, the outstanding balance is due at the beginning of the event
the fee for accommodation depends on the venue, please see detailed information

in case of cancellation less than four weeks prior to an event the deposit won’t be refunded

Paypal (secured), bank transfer, cheque or cash



please fill in the form and pay the deposit

UK events payment in sterling
euro zone events (France, Belgium, Portugal, …) payment in euros

booking form

payments in sterling

one to one 


by appointment only

one to one session = 70£
chart reading = 150£
monthly/quarterly astro coaching = 100£
rising star = 120£

my cancellation policy is 48 hours. Beyond this deadline, the full fee is due

payments in euro