parināma now

AYS Convention, July 2016, Harper Adams University, GB

i was the guest tutor at the 2016 Convention of the Association for Yoga Studies in July 2016. After the meeting I was asked to write a few words about the event

rather than writing a detailed report on the parināma now sessions, I’d like to share a few glimpses with you, looking back at notes and diagrams of some of my presentations

they will hopefully invite renewed reflection and personal exploration of the sensitive topic of change

change is happening now

look at the greater picture!

focus on the bright side of life,
drop judgement, criticism and negativity


question your beliefs
in a curious, open and non rebellious way, … wonder.

give your patterns full attention
in a loving and caring way
many of them are outdated.

respect and honour yourself first, it will spread around you


awaken to your true Self
and let it shine in the world
everybody is important,
the world wouldn’t be perfect without you

what you do doesn’t matter so much,
but how you do it does

a crystalline mind tells the truth

when empowered, you are in charge of yourself
and co-creator of the new

choose what you like

do not fear, you have signed up for this

the shift is one of the games you chose to play on planet Earth


follow your longing
honour your desire
do what you like

some months later at the time of writing, the urge to fully embrace global change is stronger than ever. I wish you a safe transition into the new dimension of your consciousness and fun consciously creating the new world you want to experience.

December 2016