who I am

born with a need for freedom, open space and unity and the urge to explore, experiment and expand continually, and to connect dimensions and consciousness levels together.

born in Switzerland, I lived over a decade in London UK and am now based in the South of France. I network between the remote mountain village where I live and European cities I visit regularly. I reflect the diversity of contrasting environments and backgrounds by constantly evolving, expanding and honouring my creative Self.  >>> more





what I do

cosmic astrology
as above, so below

yearly module
astro coaching
chart readings

cosmic tuning 
initiations, rites of passage

unity consciousness
5D, the new paradigm

manifestation labs
living creation workshops
experiential retreats

Self revealing modalities


one to one
          face to face

first entrance

first entrance

Pluto entered Aquarius on 23 March 2023 at 12:23 pm GMT big noise ! in reality he will leave the sign twice more and will really settle there from November 2024 to March 2043 Pluto, the great alchemist, is a key player in the global change, obviously ! a meditation...

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your multidimensional being

your multidimensional being

2022 : an exceptional summer !   a sign? a few words from the transmission of truth in action (French version) during the new Moon in Leo on 28 July  everything that is now emerging in us, from deep within us, has nothing to do, nothing at all to do with anything...

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spirit is what contains the body