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everything changed in a few hours
have we changed or … is it the world?
in any case, everything is different: us, the world, our perception, our understanding
a simple vibratory jump has considerably broadened our field of consciousness, leaving us unsettled and perplexed

the radical and obvious change is taking place discreetly: we find ourselves a little awkward, as if suddenly taken with a limp, out of step with ourselves, moving uneasily through a multidimensional augmented reality that is fascinating, but whose complexity makes us dizzy


shaken, we spontaneously try to adjust something (feeling, position, vision, etc.) to reduce the discomfort, of course
and we feel the urge to identify, name and fix certain aspects of the experience, to give it meaning and mark out the space a bit

in reality, to stabilise an element is to fix and freeze part of the experience: something in us becomes tense in the presence of a disorientating amplitude and mobility, and the dizzying fluidity of the course of things is diminished, as if tarnished at this point
it’s both inside and outside us: impossible to distinguish the two
in the end, standing still crystallises the blossoming that takes place within us, but rather increases our discomfort, like putting our body into a garment that is too small or reducing our experience to a tiny portion of reality


so here we are, floating, impressionable and reactive, captivated and a little defensive
there’s a lot of stress, a lot of tension, a lot of fatigue, and when we’re exhausted we finally let go


however, the material world seems practically unchanged and the ego doesn’t find its place in it
we can fool ourselves for a moment, imagining that change isn’t so important after all !
of course we invest in mental projections that maintain a defined and known reality : it’s habitual, effective, reassuring

but when a frequency jump suddenly shatters the cohesion of our experience (and with it a host of images and identities associated with our perception of it) our identity wavers, frays and eventually dissolves
and then everything looks very different


melted into white

what’s going to happen?

obviously, there’s no question of appropriating the space until a new vision, a new project or an enhanced identity is born.
quests for meaning and projections (future, vocation, mission, etc.) are irrelevant here



creation continually emerges from the void

Having is an advantage
And not Having makes use
Dao De Jing 11, traduction Claude Larre

rather, free and open, becoming the eye of a needle, we allow ourselves to be traversed by the flow of universal reality

vacant beings, letting ourselves be continually filled and emptied and filled again, participating in the continuous creation of the world through the prism of our individual consciousness engaged in the earthly adventure


sublime and ephemeral

everything flows
Heraclitus, Fragment 136

in an immutably living flow
breathing in and out, receiving and letting go
being born and dying at every moment
a renewed experience


how do our unique vibration and the singularity of our human person work in favour of evolution?
It’s a question of our personal evolution, that of humanity and that of the planet.

what kind of silence and listening are needed to resonate with the song of the Earth?


being simple




a new dimension of our humanity, long distilled to saturation point, is beginning to live within us
we have gradually become accustomed to and harmonised with this frequency
it took us six weeks to get through the waves generated by the total eclipse of the sun on 8 April this year