the absurd disassociates

through a subtle distortion of perception, feeling, understanding, memory… only certain streams, a narrow band of frequencies of our overall experience, are brought to light and constantly stirred up and replayed in a loop, inside and outside of us

the mechanism – polarisation and opposition of forces, simplification and systemic generalisation – leads to division and fragmentation, which translate into aggression-violence/apathy-inertia reflected in the different layers of our experience and endlessly expressed in a host of lethal forms that pollute our lived reality

creating confusion, bewilderment and a loss of meaning – tried and tested stratagems of manipulation and control – confusing individuals and splitting even the most cohesive groups; powerful forces for dissolution are at play


fruitfulness of chaos

in the material world, when disorder increases in a system and it can no longer regain equilibrium, it enters into entropy and gradually freezes until it is extinct
on a global scale, all the structures of our societies are collapsing, and the forms in which the ideas, values and beliefs of a now obsolete reality have taken shape are falling apart

many people are aware of this, but experiencing it is something else: it’s scary!

however, our experience is multi-dimensional
while the cycle of manifestation of a reality in which most of our lives were played out only twenty years ago is coming to an end, our field of experience is much wider now, embracing higher frequencies, so that in parallel with the retraction of an end-of-cycle we are going through a tremendous expansion

so the challenge of chaos is growth!
in this process, tumult, agitation, acceleration, instability and uncertainty are all factors of expansion and growth, favouring a stable establishment in wider band of frequencies
so many possibilities and different ways of being present to us in a dimension where everything is experience and where fluidity, instantaneity and attraction respond to presence, awareness and intention
the freedom and autonomy, the lightness and ease we experience cannot be alienated by any system of coercion

easy to say, but how do you do it?


everything starts from the zero point

it’s a question of positioning, focus and orientation
in the midst of fragmentation and dispersion, we urgently need to come back to ourselves, to gather ourselves together, to refocus where everything is still and quiet. Only there, in a primordial silence, can we feel and know what is right for us, what we should or shouldn’t say, what we should or shouldn’t do

there’s no other way to find our way, everything is more or less biased, altered, corrupted


good luck with that!