spaces of silence
light bubbles of images and sound



a look back at a year of video creation



ephemeral spaces containing seeds – pure life – that will spread as soon as the capsule is opened


  rights reserved


surprise, wonder, excitement !

silence, it pulsates !


© sound-fishing, natural silence in Lapland



making bubbles


  © Gifer


secreting a membrane that encapsulates a micro-event:
play of light and shadow, wind, movements-reflections in the water, human gestures
which extracts it from time and gives it another dimension, a spatiality open to all potentials

the encounter with the voice (tonality, grain, colour, modulation) and the words creates a rhythm
it’s the rhythm that creates the specific timbres, sounds and musical atmosphere



tasting the bubbles 


   © Pinterest


when it’s balanced and adjusted, a little miracle happens
it opens up, it feels good, it releases inside

lightness, relief


   © Photofunky


the bursting bubble gives birth to another timeless space, infinite within you, or is it around you?
empty-full, everything is there
we’re here

right there

  © Gifer


the more you share the bubbles, the more they multiply

so what happens when you discover a bubble?


you can watch the clips here