some of the programmes installed in our minds before we were born


we are busy, caught, obsessed, sometimes with our heads in the bag           infernal circle
we put off, postpone and distract ourselves from what occupies us          centrifugal movement
we smooth, we manage, we keep up appearances and we remain cut off from ourselves         off centre

underneath we are stirred up, agitated, disturbed, something is pushing and demanding attention


we desire, we aspire to, we anticipate what we want          shift
we invest, we plan, we provoke what we want to manifest           projection
we let it happen, we wait, if it doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to happen…           stagnation

the labyrinth of the mind: a myriad of fascinating games and trap doors that open in the middle of the fluids and their currents


some of the programmes installed in our minds from the moment of conception



the terrain of our experience


what we are dealing with is not as important as we think or would like to think
the important, urgent, trivial, futile, elevated or other matters
the wanderings in our heads, the feelings of our hearts, the exploits of our bodies, the sensations of our hands, alone or in company


these are transient phenomena, they act as a leaven that animates the terrain of our experience
but the investment that our ego makes in these phenomena, places them in the middle of the stage
this is understandable, in a sense, since they are our life and our experience
but when we identify with what is going on, the moving and fluid forms of the phenomena become fixed
and this is not to our advantage, because in this case we cut ourselves off from the ever-changing flows of our environment!


one of our pseudo-identities (usually called ego) validates and activates the programmes to which it chains itself and subjects itself, and confinement ensues: a programmed mechanism too!



but where are we?


when we are engaged in our activity

the representation we have of ourselves (= what we allow to be seen of ourselves) serves, unconsciously, to protect us, like a garment we wear (role, function, attribute). It is a veil, most often implicit
while what we hide from ourselves (which is not what we do not see) reveals a great deal of us (focus and highlighting are clues). This is how the great secrets are always obvious and manifest, accessible to all

lost in the world of representations and images


the mental world and the external world: a fascinating game of mirrors that projects endlessly renewed illusions, yet another process of alienation undertaken on purpose



none of this is really us!

the call and a deep nostalgia remain: to be



the contemplation of the field


another way of  being 

I am, essence, underlying/omnipresent, mere presence

here it is a question of contemplating phenomena and their evolution
it is the way of life of the first peoples
an art cultivated in the natural agriculture of Masanobu Fukuoka, for example
it consists in leaning over an aspect of reality and staying with it, for a long time, patiently, without expectation
without anything to understand, to know, nothing to want or to undertake, just being there


living here and now is the true basis of human life
Manasobu Fukuoka, “One straw revolution”


it is an immersion in a set of phenomena, in a complex and changing reality
being in it, being part of it
being open, free of oneself
a completely different way of being there, gaping and vulnerable!
being vacant and resonant like the inside of an empty pot
and from the echo in the container let appear the subtle order of the whole, the structures, the rhythms, the recurrent or not forms





it is then that miracles appear, in profusion


in short, everything is played out in the intimate relationship with what occupies us!