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in one week, my life changed! it happened last summer, at the very beginning of August. The trajectories of two comets met: Bruno appeared in my life. Since then I have never been the same.



I don’t know how many things must have stirred up in the universe to make me fly apart like this after having touched me and shaken me to the core of my being
one thing is certain: nothing is as it was before, nothing is stable, I sometimes don’t know where I am anymore, nor who I am (if I ever knew!)

gently-puzzlingly destabilised, eroded, purified, simplified, I am stretched, torn apart and deliciously held out of my comfort zone



for a long time, I was amazed every day at the way in which, rather shy and restrained, I continued to let myself be voluptuously kneaded, shaped and revealed to myself with such good grace



as the sinuous movements took place behind the scenes, multiple dimensions of my being were transformed, their enlivened matter became more vibrant and volubile, and a whole dormant universe began to emerge deliciously, while deep down old burdens and inhibitions were released



my life today has nothing to do with what it was a few months ago: over the course of barely three seasons, the fracas of the silent-thundering swirls of a renewal that splashes me with clouds of astonishment and rearranges all the flavours of my desires

every day I am stripped somewhere, while I miraculously hatch elsewhere, it is infinitely precious. I have never experienced anything like it: it is sensitive, delicate, at times it makes me extremely fragile and vulnerable



in a few words

and open up in the heart closed, secret, unsuspected spaces too



progress comes in joyful mode, when I let myself go, and in stubborn mode, when I spin or enter into resistance!



sure signs of impending expansion

loosening, relaxation, rest
cracking, splitting, opening      immensity
swelling, bursting, thrusting, growth/expansion
I lighten up, simplify, purify myself … until I let go of everything
emptiness, vacancy-plenitude
a blaze and an incandescence, as implacable as irresistible



modes of abundance

surprise surprise surprise surprise etc.
gushing, overflow, submersion, dissolution

enchantment and wonder at the beauty of the world



such love !

what we have all always wanted to experience
and if you started to believe that it is really possible?




to Bruno, my love !