you will have noticed the new Moon early this morning (at 3:26 GMST)

over the past  three days, a huge tension (a blend of restlessness and inertia) has been building up massively
bringing along eruptions and other blasts (skin, emotional, marital, societal …)
and the burden of the lead weight which suffocates the planet with compacted layers of various planes


these mouvements are caused by a cocktail of planetary influences which prove as demanding as they are intense. Eris brings to the surface anything held in the depth of ourselves that needs resolving. Pluto pushes us into our limits and forces us to face our reality (the never ending self transformation), Jupiter adds a collective dimension to the endeavour (the urge to radically reconfigure our society). Together, they operate as a trigger placing significant demand on the scene where the new lunar cycle begins

as always, mouvements of mass evolution result from/mirror individual evolutive mouvements (resolving our inner conflicts, transmuting karmic residues, systematic de-conditioning etc.)

moreover the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon (the new Moon) is controlled by Saturn’s vice, imposing tyrannic and absurd coercion forces globally. The current challenge is to find in the initial phase of expansion the lucidity needed to take advantage of the situation (lockdown, arbitrary measures, etc.) without opposing resistance to a double mouvement of retraction (constraint) and (quiet and unhurried) expansion), thereby allowing the adjustment

despite a strong calling to set themselves free from constraints, a majority of people aren’t ready to get out of lockdown (they haven’t discovered yet, non to mention made use of what the situation offers them)

the encounter of the Sun and Uranus on Sunday will open to a series of still unexplored inner spaces (encased one into the other like Russian dolls), for us to walk through and experience thanks to( and not because of ) the lockdown. Being contained is an invaluable help to progress on that path, actually !

although the new Moon this morning brought some lightness, the climate remains extremely tense


my suggestion is to allow the splendour of spring to support (rather than disperse/dilute) the amplitude of current inner mouvements. Rest, vacancy (absence of impetus and involvement) are still needed, but doing nothing (farniente) has moved to great awareness of all that happens with us, knowing that what surfaces comes for a reason and requires transformation, a face to face with parts of our shadow is unavoidable !