But alas! who does not know that these gentle wolves
Of all wolves are the most dangerous.
Charles Perrault “Little Red Riding Hood”





the event of the month : the scam!


we enter the dance with, precision obliges, the entry of Pluto in Aquarius!
(the Pluto-Charon system, a binary system: two planets, in orbit around each other, dance together)


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one day, a phone call
followed by many others

pressure, urgency, escalation, insinuation, manipulation, bewitchment

grip, hold, command and remote control : the machiavellian mechanics of financial fraud is launched

invisible, devious, cunning, unflappable, the swindler stands back behind the scene
his voice is lying, but honeyed and insidious


   © nospensées.fr



things follow on from each other


and unleash




on the one hand, apparent : speed, acceleration, jerks, whirlpools, disorientation, confusion

on the other, underlying : the precision of an inexorably conducted sequence


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in this perverse mechanism acting without my knowledge
something in me remains unperturbed


standing and untouched


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once the process is over


come these words :

how could this happen to me?


a possible reading : an energetic breach may have allowed this infiltration



vigilance    vigilance !






    the bold wolves come ever closer