expansion whilst in lockdown, a webinar held on 16-17 May 2020

when we are in the light, we feel totally safe sheltered, protected. it is a physical sensation and a reality ! body, heart and mind are still, they are open and responsive. Being connected to Self, we are at the centre of ourselves and the continuum of Life   

in the light, everything has its place : a realisation, a crisis or a quantum leap are part of the multiple reality of our experience. We are able to respond to them, we are curious (rather than anxious) and wonder how things will evolve


we can’t convince others, nor can we change or resolve anything for them/on their behalf
but we can hold our frequency and shine our light, this makes a difference !


where your focus goes, there goes your energy : be aware of where you invest your energy
what do you want feed ?
which impact does it have on you ?
how does it affect your frequency ?

prefer and choose what brings you joy and love, practice gratitude !


we are all interconnected, yet there is a strong need for (re)connection and reunion
we must actively weave/mend the network of your community

high frequency stillness (sattva) lifts up low frequency confusion (tamas)
high frequency movement (sattva) contains and orients low frequency agitation (rajas)