it’s spring, we’re taking off layers of clothing



a little (BIG) challenge 

as you shed the winter clothes
in the process also try to remove rather than add layers of knowledge, skills and other tools to your palette

has the season passed? or does this dullness betray an illusion, a kind of wandering in which you have allowed yourself to be caught?

if you listen well within yourself, there is nothing to add to what you already know, understand or master
everything you need is there, within you, and everything is available when you need it (and dormant otherwise)
in short, you are complete and perfect as you are (boat, I know)

obviously, what you carry within you that is unique is infinitely more precious than what you fill yourself with and surround yourself with to reassure yourself


the hopeless task of filling a pierced basket, meant to let the light through


life flows!
like nature, it creates and transforms itself at all times, it is never the same, it innovates all the time, it does not compromise, it cuts off an arm to save a body, it protects the essential and slashes everything else if necessary


innate vs acquired

as the season is in bloom, so who you are and what you really carry are brought to light and blossom
it’s quite different from what you think you are and it will take more than one season to unfold

but when you are clear enough, you can feel that acquiring is no longer appropriate, that it is more a question of stripping away that which is fixed and letting go of that which controls

a powerful movement arises from within you, which demands transformation
the flow of life takes over, the laws of nature are implacable and what blocks its movement and free expression will be ruthlessly swept away


choosing to let go rather than/before having what you hold on to ripped away


it freaks you out, of course, to envisage a life with fewer markers, structures, systems (any kind) in favour of a freer, crazier dance, increasingly spontaneous and liberating from all those garments that have never been your true talents, that have never respected the forms that your light can support and invest, that have therefore never recognised and honoured who you are


a minus for a plus, a nothing for a whole

expansion and fulfilment are now elsewhere
big disillusionment, certainly! and a big destabilisation too, but you can take the step