one year already !


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a year since the meridian flew to you every 22nd of the month




today, 22nd December, is also the winter solstice
the start of a new year


a surprising wink from the sky just before this meridian was written



an opportunity to look back


how is a meridian born ?

as the date approaches, we drop everything, look for nothing and let the theme emerge



freewheeling on the outside, but working hard on the inside


© Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle sound library



decanting, unveiling, things gradually become clearer

then things weave together, spontaneously settling into an unstable balance between what is suggested and the surrounding emptiness/silence


© le club mediapart




after a year, what trace does it leave ? 


perhaps one of the meridians

surprised you
made you dream
made you laugh or cry
brought lightness where there was little

winking at facets of our reality that we may or may not see
a variety of impressions in which you may have found a few nuggets
moments of life presented, unfolded, mixed and distilled


take the time to listen to your feelings before answering


Gyorgy Kurtag, Microlude, Keller quartet



so what’s today like for you?