emotions are made of water and one can play with water

for instance you can follow its movements, along the stream or against the stream as you prefer and let the atmosphere of the moment permeate you

(you can also take any other direction, if you wish)

and whilst staying totally present to inner movements, you can rise to a higher frequency and let yourself to be taken somewhere and be surprised by what you find there





emotions are movements of our inner ocean

the ones you experience which bring carcasses from the bottom of your unconscious to the surface are neither pleasant nor constructive
when they take a direction such as frustration, rage, sadness, discouragement …
you can simply allow the movement, without repressing or containing it, and go through it consciously until it reaches its natural end

an emotion is a shape assumed by your living waters
the movement takes you away from yourself back to Self
its purpose is to bring you back to centre where all is peaceful, still and joyful
and where you are your Self