cellobaci !



what is cellobaci?

in the beginning, it was a vibratory cello healing treatment devised shortly after a fractured elbow



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the idea was to encourage bone consolidation using sound vibrations
sounds emitted by the cello create a vibratory field that acts on the fracture
so far, we understand



what we hadn’t imagined was the extent of the phenomenon, the levels at which it is played out and the magnificent surprises that have been revealed

it’s improvisation, not written music


extract from 18.2.2024



improvising requires you to concentrate on what’s being played and be open to what comes next
this implies a mode of being that’s between being alert and letting be
and therefore a greater presence in the moment
the ‘control’ of reality being limited to this quality of being that allows the flow of sound to circulate
the volume of this flow does not seem to be linked to the virtuosity of the performance
in short, there is great fluidity




but there’s something else: energetic movements take place during the improvisation, without any clear connection with the music
the sounds of the cello allow an underlying ‘something’ to unfold, which is brought to light,
which takes shape through the relationship between the player and the listener
(and amplified by the occasional presence of a third person)
this vibratory dialogue gives rise to energetic manifestations that are constantly changing and evolving, and are unrelated to the specific quality of the performance


there is therefore a scene within the scene where something other than the treatment initially envisaged is being played out


on a vibratory level, two energy flows gradually come into contact with each other, interpenetrate, then merge, then interact in different ways
from the very first session, the use of drawing enabled us to see and share the movements of this ‘something’ that was emerging



the process is open, it’s ongoing…
the vibratory movements are taking place on a subtle level
what form will they take in the material world?
it’s not yet clear


one thing is certain, these experiments, which have been going on day after day for the past month, are exciting, demanding and physically extremely taxing