all conditionings veil the consciousness that we are
their origin is a twist at some point in the history of manifestation that resulted in duality
conditionings blur our vision and deny direct access to Self (this is a programmed limitation)
by removing all conditionings only can we establish a stable connection with Self
we can reset to our Self settings by going into the void to the zero point of limitless possibilities
re-harmonising restores our human instrument (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies) to its pristine perfection (we are an expression = reflection of perfection)
the reset happens instantly, however in our 3D experience of reality processes may take time
focus is strictly on our own conditionings




relationships with others are established via our energy fields (consciously or not)
our mental and emotional states colour our energy fields and can result in physical imbalance and disorders
to harmonise our field we need to turn inwards, find perfect stillness within, so we can access our Self
to meet the other we must be completely empty (our ego based self inoperative)
being completely empty present and attentive
these qualities of unintentional openness offer the other a mirror in which they can see themselves and their connection to Self can be restored




healing is always self healing, there is no other way
it is our personal sovereign birthright and empowerment to reconnect to Self and to allow the reset (= healing)
we cannot heal anybody else, it is not in our power, it is not possible to interfere with individual freedom
we have no understanding of the reasons on higher planes of consciousness why imbalances and conditions occur
we have no idea of the potential of transformation and further evolution they hold
at this point, our human experience and evolution are both personal and transpersonal
they depend on our level of consciousness, on numerous personal choices and preferences, on planned intersections with others (karmic connections) and on the common weaving of the collective field, among others …




a free interpretation of some aphorisms of Patanjali’s yoga sūtra

III-18 samskārasâkshātkaranāt pūrvajātijñānam

III-19 pratyayasya paracittajñānam

III-20 na ca tatsalambanam tasyāvishayībhūtatvāt