what is light, subtle, refined, spacious, gracious, free … 
offers body and space a common playground where they unite joyfully


our multifaceted body is mobile, changing, versatile
it relates freely to gravity, from which it can abstract and free itself
by finding a limitless opening in
the intimate inner space of the heart


our body grounding is mostly internal
as the centre of our world the navel is a subjectively unequivocal
easy and perfectly reliable reference point
even in an extremely unstable or unsupportive environment


every cell, every particle of matter in our body
tells about the all pervading consciousness
and attests inter-dimensional connections with other realms of nature 
and with expanded planes of consciousness
a unique experience of innumerable dimensions within oneself


when interacting with space
our plastic, resilient, multiple body
spontaneously connects with what is free, light and joyful 
even when the experience made has other qualities


this limitless open space within us
called heart
where anything is possible anytime
is reached instanteously

… when we are there