we have been in that awkward moment for a while
on alert
overwhelmed by disturbing facts, dreams, visions
living in an altered reality … or is it the new reality, at last ?
overcome by fatigue

a little of all of this
and more


extreme climactic tensions
something will give, it does have to

nothing is simple, nothing is evident
yet the   c l e a r   sensation that what is at stake is crucial
and final

mental investment in the stories is colossal (and very confusing)
the ego is having a hard time letting go, stubborn resistance

we can contemplate the waves
the movements of things
in a given situation

more tidal waves – internal/external
undertows with the last waxing Moon before 12 December
toxic and outdated stenches and miasmes

welcome them, hols the space, allow transmutation, return to Source
and again
and again


around the zero point of the zodiac on 22 December
a hugely powerful solstice for Capricorns and others as well
massive expansion
another dimension, Ophiucus, the 13th sign, beyond the zodiac
and reconnection with long lost and forgotten dimensions of our Being

the hypersensitive lively  j o y f u l   body remembers



then the ring of fire on the solar eclipse on 26 December
crossing the ring, a trial by fire, walking towards Self, towards Unity
a (multidimensional and non-linear journey of righteousness and honesty
from Capricorn to Cancer
from separation to reunion and fusion with our cosmic Mother


we are walking in between
towards the lunar eclipse on 10 January 2020

the perils of our way : negativity  (worst of all)
distraction, self-indulgence, inconsistency
all of them the result of collective programming, distorsion of our divine essence
implants in our DNA, perpetuating separation and suffering

acknowledge them, anchor in Self/Source, be soft and kind
and stay of track



this is a journey of initiation from a now by gone world to a new reality
integrating the unified masculine-feminine
eventually and once for all

in preparation for the great encounter of Saturn and Pluto on 12 January 
escorted by the many celestial bodies coming together in Capricorn
to witness the rebirth of the phenix of its ashes


a major transformation
at a personal level : return to the full dignity of Self
and at a collective level : collapse of the structures of patriarchy