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crossing appearances


  • what appears = what is perceived by all the senses
  • what appears to be   vs   what is a matter of looking and point of view
  • what appears on one plane and what appears on another

in short, how do you make sense of it all?

especially if…


The sentence below is true.
The sentence above is false.



be confronted with
go through

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to cross a limit, a boundary, a resistance
that which limits, holds, protects, restrains

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step out
out of your comfort zone
from complacency in the known

  © Duane Michals



but also
bring together
several different perspectives on the same plane

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on different planes, opposites are not mutually exclusive, two incompatible things can be possible simultaneously

   © carpe yin yang



choose to cross
to step outside, to expose yourself, to reveal yourself, to lay yourself bare
to free yourself
to go beyond
the veil, the mask, the illusion    fall away



moving and finding your bearings
sometimes your nose crashes into a mirror

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sense the imposture and the dead end and take another direction

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true-false    false-true    decoys    mirages    illusions

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learning to
to live in a multiple reality, to evolve in several planes of our existence, without confusing or amalgamating them
manoeuvre more consciously from one plane to another
read the reality we experience from several planes and their own laws
detect the insinuations and traps of sensory impressions (external or internal)


to do this, stay anchored in your body, aligned, centred and fully present to what is happening



Bernard Parmegiani, De natura sonorum