a 5D yoga workshop on 7-8 April 2018 in Locarno, Switzerland
learning to feel the flow and enjoy conscious connection with beings and things


no body : nobody


« I have lost my body
it is as if it didn’t exist »

no blame, it’s a fact, a reality
once I acknowledge it, I can reestablish the connection

I chose to forget it, at the time it was a creative choice
now it is more of a problem, it causes me harm and disturbs me 
self-sabotage !

there is no human life (as we know it) without a body 
living on earth means having a body, without a body we can’t have that experience
we are neither angels, nor pure spirits, leaving our body doesn’t make sense
our body perceives (input) and expresses itself (output) through the senses
we are responsible for it  at the measure of our awareness



mind vs body


we  are better off without a head (for the time being)
the mind is an extraordinary instrument
but we still need to learn how to use it (in its upgraded form)

at the moment, our body is more reliable
it is like our best friend, always there for us
our body is also closest to your divine blueprint
when it is synchronised, it gives direct access to Self


attuning body with Self