a brief spring nap 


fatigue, weariness, exhaustion
little visibility and openness

well, that or something else …


on another level : drive, desire, momentum
surprise !
wonder !

… and the miracle is repeated


l   © eran mendel




zero point, back to oneself


©  void, bruno cousin




it’s jubilant, it’s sparkling, it tickles, it itches: a movement is born, one or more directions emerge
let it happen, welcome it, listen to it


©  radiance, bruno cousin



simply follow



   © Gifer



©  impulsion resonance, bruno cousin



sometimes it takes shape
sometimes it comes to nothing and dissolves
that’s how it is

don’t try to make sense of it
there’s no point in drawing conclusions
instead, allow yourself to be surprised and choose to enter the space that opens up


the material result may be distant or different from what is subtly taking place


   © Gifer