I have moved !


I swapped the unobstructed sky views from my Parisian flat for the ocre soil and the lavender fields in Provence
but let us not be misled, I have as many excellent personal, emotional, professional reasons to be in Paris as in the South of France or elsewhere …
that is not the point


when I decided to move, I began exploring several regions of France to find out whether I liked them and whether I could possibly live there. In fact, I shot out all-around like an arrow, and each timeI was driven by an impulse which held a trace of a mental projection … and obviously what I found didn’t fully resonate with me

one day my (obsessional) quest ended suddenly, I was reoriented
the arrow turned into a billiard ball, was  hit by two other balls and in not time, I took a different direction with an entirely different project. Then the energy shifted again and the project was put on hold … will it be realised ? I have no idea and it si probably not so important. but the fact is, that following this crash of billard balls, I now find myself living in a small village in Provence, Le Poët Laval

conclusion ? there is none, I simply note that I didn’t really have any choice regarding the modalities of this change, I have been guided


fun facts

firstly, it was an experience, not always an easy one. I witnessed my mind getting stuck or trying to sort things out and my defence mechanisms activating each time I got triggered

then it adjusted/continues to adjust other things, personal, interpersonal and collective, of which I am not necessarily aware

this applies to any change of parameters, to any challenge met, obviously



understanding !!!

even when we manage to be completely still (which is a miracle in the current context), it is almost impossible to get enough clarity to make sense of what is going on at the moment using our mind
the situation is too complex, too many information are available, everything is a blend of truth and distorsion, in short, chances are that we will mix things up and connect things that don’t belong together, that are on different planes etc. or that we differentiate things that are not different or separate

the emotional part of our experienced reality is moreover important and mostly unconscious, which adds to the confusion


what can be said, from a bigger perspective

  • all that happens, we have created it (5D)
  • a part of us has projected it and it comes back to us as a reflection (4D)
  • in our daily material reality, any change is a challenge, especially when the ego invests it strongly (3D)


as a conclusion

it is better to try to be where you are and with what is (no comment !)
then to choose, when is possible, what lift s you up, what makes you feel well and confident, and when you don’t have the choice, to accept (without a question !) that things are as they are (whether I want it or not, this is how it is) and to live the experience fully

since everything changes very quickly, you have choices and non-choices a thousand times a day, which is rather interesting and living it can can be fun actually