the movements of the sky
1-3 February 2019, Reims, France

learning to recognise inner cycles (biorhythms, cycle of day and night) and external cycles on a small scale (lunar, annual) and on a big scale (long cosmic cycles)
taking support on them and finding our place in a coherent and harmonious universe



resolving the blood curse


the loyalty we have towards our relatives is bottomless

it is due to the blood running in our veins which we share with our ancestors
through our our biological lineages we are connected with those who provided the matter or our earthly vessel, and if we fast backward in time with all men and women who ever lived on Earth


it is an invisible grid set around all of humanity


from our biological lineage we receive the first imprints and conditionings and we also inherit eh unresolved emotional load, lodged in the unconscious
when adopted we also absorb this load from our foster parents
the transmission of personal issues creates a very complex interlacing and a disturbed frequency field, like a mist


this opaque veil obscures individual consciousness


loyalty to blood is infallible


when it is about survival of a dear one, of the clan or even of the species, it makes miracles, it gives access to resources we didn’t know existed of generosity, self-giving and selflessness, unconditional love transcends every obstacle and breaks all barriers even beyond life on Earth

with some nuances though
a parent’s (especially the mother’s) relationship to his/her child is primarily instinctive and visceral, the emotional bond follows (or not)
the child instead needs his/her mother (or another adult) to survive, he/she expects everything from them, it is an instinctive call, most of the time it is loaded with emotions as well
a severe unresolved trauma can inhibit these strong instinctive behaviours sometimes

generally speaking loyalty to blood protects, maintains and sustains life in spite of everything
it is an invaluable resource and solace


loyalty to blood is also unwavering


it forces us to endure the intolerable, carry beyond our strengths, bend with no return, remain silent, yell, groan, give in … die sometimes whilst remaining untouched, inalterable


a curse !?


from the viewpoint of karma (where we come from, what ties us to our past), blood supports our personal evolution on the Earth plane through all collective contracts we have with our relatives. There is a risk that we turn around in a circle and clearly evolution is slow because it is common to all (samsara)


however ending the loyalty to blood can become a matter of personal survival


from the viewpoint of dharma (our individual responsibility to fully realise our Selves)  blood can become a stepping stone for your personal revolution, i.e breaking the deadlock and regaining the dignity of our eternal Self in a human shape


a few steps are necessary

  • acknowledging and accepting that we are bound hand and foot, stuck both in the grid and the mist
  • choosing to enter a spiral of fast (r)evolution, by reconnecting our self to Self and Source
  • putting loyalty to ourselves first and above all in all circumstances
  • maintaining our integrity when faced with the demands of blood
  • standing in our power and aligned with Self


in fact, the blood curse can be resolved by being primarily loyal to ourselves


which requires courage, boldness and tenacity, resilience as well

undoing the ties of subtle programming is incredibly demanding !