the meat mincer is on, it works perfectly
they put the screw
it will come to that (and far beyond)
massive disillusions, all that we didn’t/couldn’t see jumps out at us



we are watching the end of an extraordinary show, where light energies and dark energies have confronted each other for eons. It all happened behind the scenes, on a subtle level, and now light prevails over darkness, obviously

the light is universal order, nature’s laws, individual consciousness and responsibility
the frequency of unity which maintains the harmonic coherence of the universe ruled by love

darkness is any kind of distorsion, perversion, corruption of light, causing a loss a frequency and all that results from it


it is a spectacular production, packed with (bacteriological, climatic, energetic … ) special effects, substantial investments were made to create an huge impact
the scenario is impeccable and its progress ruthless, it is a mind-blowing incredibly brutal production and … we are on stage, there is no escape


now is the final scene : it shows the agony and collapse of the torture system, which is already wiped out. How ?

final development : after many episodes in which the opposing forces have been displaying sophisticated strategies and countless supernatural powers, the frequency of unity comes back in force and finally gains the upper hand. The lower frequencies cannot tolerate this frequency, they are absorbed by the higher vibrations, which marks the end of the totalitarian system, doomed to implode and disappear


the chaos we are going through transforms the dense (thus visible) forms of the structure which supports this system. It will purge systematically all that isn’t right and truthful, what isn’t aligned with the luminous essence of all beings and limits the expression of their sovereign singularity

the highest frequency contains the lower frequencies and resorbs all the forms engendered, allowing the creation of entirely new forms in harmony with universal order and nature’s laws
the conflict has already come to an end and unity is reestablished (on a subtle, therefor invisible level)



our experience of reality is complex, we live on three different planes simultaneously
depending on how conscious we are of them and our viewpoint, it seems very different

on the material plane (3D)

we can lose everything, including our lives, nobody wants that, but it is possible
some people have given up and are pushed around, others stand up and hold strong

on the psychological and conceptual plane (4D)

reality is extremely confusing and hard to navigate, our experience of it depending mostly on how aware we are of what is happening
the global situation is brutally challenging and profoundly liberating !
whatever our position, we can face reality and regroup

on the plane of unity (5D)

nothing, nobody, no enslaving system can crush, destroy, annihilate our light
our essence is eternal, inalterable, inalienable



what can we do and how ?

  • we can take position and action for ourselves only
  • reestablish the connection body-source constantly, it is necessary for a correct positioning
  • follow our gut instinct anytime in any circumstance
    be aware that the impulse can always be coloured by our beliefs, thoughts and emotions, common sense is a secondary reference

  • when in doubt, wait, avoid rushing
  • never take any decision when we are under firm grip (mental, emotional or other)