our original blueprint, a unique expression of the Divine in a human shape, is a living 3D mandala. It is present in every single cell of our body where it maintains an inalterable harmonious field. The signature of Self  is imprinted in our body (made of 99,1 % of water molecules), which keeps a trace of it. It is also reflected in the mirror of water everywhere around us (in all that is alive)

our thoughts and emotions are actually anomalies, which momentarily or durably veil the constantly evolving perfection of this mandala. A clear mind is empty and receptive (viveka) and a peaceful heart is open and still (aviplavā). And together they express moment by moment the infinite splendour of the Self in every aspect of our human experience

our field becomes incoherent when we disconnect from Self. A disharmonious energy field will manifest through disease or disorder of mind, heart and/or body. To the extent we are aware of it, it is our responsibility  to bring our field back to it’s essential structure, whenever we realise that it is troubled.

bodily sensation, especially touch, but also rhythm and pulse are quick and effective ways to reconnect with Self. Then the veil dissolves and harmony reappears, even though it takes a while for the mind, heart and body to regain their balance