understanding the nature to things

the origin


consciousness matter


lightness, movement, cohesion

expansion retraction
their phases

the elements, their expression

the senses, what moves and nurtures them

the movements of the heart, emotions

forms and modalities of intelligence

types of equipment
simple complex infinitely refined
flawless perfection, pure beauty
tailor made, designed for what we came here to experience
honouring life, in our unique way
taking part in the weaving of life
our presence    rich, luminous, fragile
highlighting the fabric

ever found lost balance

infinitely precious


a glimpse of tuning, a workshop held in Aurillac, France, on 16-17.11.2019

a sensory approach to Ayurveda though breath, body, movement and sound to discover and acknowledge your true nature, find out how to take care of yourself, nurture the flow of life in you and decidedly value and honour your uniqueness