I am so grateful for who you are, your essence, your presence, your unique flavour and the way it graces the planet and supports humanity



I feel so much compassion for all the pain, suffering and abuse endured by human beings, animals, plants, minerals, elementals and other beings… and by planet Earth herself for eons


it was all agreed, of course. The free will experiment was such leap of faith, actually, and a great opportunity of growth and further evolution for humanity

without presumption, a daring and risky project, undertaken with the innocence of beginners


particles of One (us) assumed they could live in 3D world (separation) and remain conscious that the universe is one harmonious whole they are part of and interdependent with.  In lower frequency and greater density, they lost consciousness and forgot

as they moved away from Source they lost themSelves and became oblivious of the law of Love …

you know the rest


yet the inherent harmony of One withstands turmoil and chaos, mere seasons of its ever evolving perfection




that’s why I thought of you in the first hour of the new year, your ineffable fragile beauty and the sublime song of your soul in the world’s symphony

thank you for being here, thank you for being you