be the Earth

the Earth, a cluster of particles of matter agglomerating around a star and forming a solid mass, which begins to spin and orbit around the Sun
matter released from the Sun or attracted towards it ?
and its Moon ? an asteroid getting too close and going into orbit around the Earth or matter expulse from it ?
or something else altogether …


everything moves and circulates in our immediate neihbourhood, anyway

  • it takes the Earth twenty-four hours to spin (the circadian cycle, day and night)
  • a little over twenty-eight days for the Moon to go around the Earth (from new Moon to new Moon)
  • three hundred sixty-five days and a quarter for the Earth to revolve around the Sun (with an extra day every leap year so the count’s right)
  • every other planet in the solar system has its own spin and revolution cycle
  • the Sun transits in space along with the Milky Way, its galaxy
  • etc.


be that star dust
fully there
sensing its vibration, frequency and resonance
feeling its pulse and breath
listening deeper until we access and sync with its rhythm
expansion fullness retraction void
breathing with the many cycles of the Earth 

It’s high time we reconnected with the Earth, our earth, the matter we are made of, and to be mindful of its nature, its cycles and its breath of life


planet Earth

we are born from the encounter of stars and the planet, we owe her our matter, we came here to experience life on Earth, again and again. In galactic memory, Earth is an amazing playground, a fertile soil holding the potential for phenomenal evolution

how could we run so far away and disconnect so radically from our host planet, which nurtures us and supports every single step we take ? it’s been our choice and affirmation of our free will

consequently, we lost consciousness of Gaia, its essence, its living presence, its healing power. Welcoming generous overabundant and resourceful Mother Earth, who protects our games, supports our growth, our crises and revolutions, has become a stranger to us
the ancient people, the Guardians of the Earth, are fully aware of this and they maintain consciously for us the living network of relationships with the Earth and continue to honour and revere her every day

our life of precariousness, lack and greed results from having severed our earthly roots ! Like newborns deprived of nipples, ignorant of our distress and desperate, we fidget and create havoc all around 


the element earth

touch the ground, touch the earth, sit on the earth
nothing else and nothing more
it’s so obvious
too simple probably

touching and being touched, making contact, reestablishing the connection and restoring confidence, completely and without a question
being touched, moved, troubled perhaps, all of a sudden we land in your body, here, our feet on the ground, our hands kneading the clay, our ass down … and an incredible feeling of lightness, light and peaceful joy

the usual projections and mental games gone
the illusion of trapping density dissolved
the anguish preventing a full descent onto the Earth plane vanished


inner ecology

a few proposals (non-exhaustive list)

  • be the Earth, be the earth, BE FULLY THERE on Earth with the earth
  • put down the arms, put an end to fighting (for or against anything at all)
    the masculine and the feminine have been imbalanced for so long that fighting seems to always have been there, that’s not true !
  • allow yourself to be rather than to do
    there has to be a place for being, so we can attune with Being, we don’t have any chance of knowing what to do unless we are fully present and listening to Being
    the Earth IS, she holds the space, she goes through chaos easily when its time comes, in the final phase of any cycle (big of small), when destruction and de-structuration transmute the raw matter which will birth the new cycle
  • invite solutions to come from within instead of projecting your wound of separation outside
    when they are balanced, polarities (yin-yang, feminine-masculine) maintain harmony together: the feminine attracts magnetically and the masculine diffuses electrically



a glimpse of the 3rd of a 4 weekend module, at the change of season, this one on autumn equinox 2019

sacred living
make your life sacred, nothing less !
meeting true men and women (that’s what Australian aborigines call themselves) has been a revelation for me: an evidence and a calling 
I recognised in them a flawless authenticity, a very high and stable frequency, a spotless grasping of reality, transparency, openness, not the slightest attachment
that’s how you can live fully, in harmony with yourself, others, the earth, the cosmos, evidence ? such a deep and still joy arises