meteorites and sun stroke


back from Egypt the day before the workshop, I share my first impressions with the group

over about eighty square miles, the White Desert, West of Egypt, is covered in meteorites : it was the impact point of an asteroid hitting the earth   ☄️     ?

      • where did it come from ?

      • what did it bring along ?

      • destruction, information, something else ?

in any case, the cataclysm impacted an existing civilisation whose notable vestiges are still present in this area, untouched. This puts a big question mark on the datation of the sites on the Saqqara and Giza plateau, which are probably much older than the estimate made




I experienced this desert as an unearthly place, with phenomenal power and vertiginously high frequencies. It took me several weeks to fully get to grips with the place and fully appreciate what I have been through : a state of sideration !   

at the time I simply shared my astonishment with the group and everyone could feel the incredible power held in the handful of meteorites I brought back to Europe


the following morning we are standing in front of the rising sun for meditation

a few days before the summer solstice and after a huge thunderstorm the radiation was amazing
and the transmission received as well

at the end of the meditation most participants found themselves lying on the floor, hit by the bombardment of photons and codes, destabilised, shocked … and shining

once again, an exceptional intensity, specificity, precise individual upgrades and adjustments    ⚡️    ?


following events of such caliber we come back to normal very quickly, everything falls back onto place, we move on … yet we are changed
even after some time, give yourself the space to fully acknowledge and decipher the message, so it can be fully integrated

      • which initiation ?
      • which opening ?
      • which implications for me ?

these extraordinary moments are reminder for us to remember who we are, where we come from, what we have been through, what we hold within and how to activate the potential


a glimpse of  “sacred living 2 / 4 ”, second weekend of a module of four
14-16 June 2019 in Thônes, near Annecy, France
make your life sacred, nothing less !
flawless authenticity, a very high and stable frequency, a spotless grasping of reality, transparency, openness, not the slightest attachment, that’s how you can live fully, in harmony with yourself, others, the earth, the cosmos