body, my buddy, a 5D consciousness weekend in Vevey, Switzerland, 16-17 February 2019

to accept and really like your body, you need to get to know it bit by bit, from head to toes and though out
but you can’t really understand what it says to you, its language, unless you make friends with him

he is the one who shares your joys and pains, who tells you your truth (even the one you don’t want to hear or see it) and who shows you how to feel better and happier, he is your buddy



abuse of the body is due to misconception

I don’t see myself as I am
my body doesn’t reflect what I experience of myself
its shape, its qualities, its potential are not in tune with who I am
I stick an ideal on it, which would attest my inner realisation

illusion, these are only projections


I AM, that I am

whether I like it or not, my body is the expression of my essence
it is the equipment I chose to travel this lifetime
and have all the experiences I intended to have

it is defined, specific, hyper-specialised
it is also ever-changing, versatile, mutable … ad infinitum
within the range of my primary choices

it keeps evolving with my consciousness, gets older or younger depending on what I go through
and whether or not it is matches who I am


my body holds my signature, my dignity, my power

it silently attests the complete trust I have in myself
in my ability to overcome all obstacles, to meet all challenges
to remember who I am, what I came here for (which experience/which contribution)
and to fully realise that in this human shape and through it


this I rarely remember when I land on Earth