masculine and feminine reunited /maschile e femminile riuniti, 13-14 October 2018 in Locarno, Switzerland
a 5D exploration weekend on the complex notion of mascuiine-feminine



west face


the west face (paschima in sanskrit) is the posterior part of our body
structurally, a human body is build to move forward and our back is behind
thus the posterior part refers symbolically to our past

the west is were the sun sets. In India, traditional rituals at dawn are performed facing the rising Sun, facing the east, with the back turned to the west

through the posterior face or our body we are connected with our past, with what there was before, what happened then, i.e. a number of conditionings (instinctive, emotional, mental, cultural, spiritual …) going back to times gone, which yet keep defining and managing our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we like it or not

the relationships we keep with our past are of different kinds

  • our life story : our personal life path determined by the parts of our eternal Self that are active in this lifetime, by our evolutive potential and specific tendencies which bring forward our unique destiny. Since we aren’t very aware of who we truly are, we generally content ourselves with an insignificant version of ourselves of low value
  • blood line : biological heredity and material, morbid tendencies, psychosomatic constitution. The habits, preferences, ways of being and looking after our bodies, food, mind, emotions, consciousness … in our family. Environment, education, all kinds of studies, trainings and apprenticeships on all levels and the resulting belief and values system
  • preconscious defence reactions, such as flying, attacking, throwing ourselves forward, closing ourselves, freezing in panic … all that is imprinted in our cells and we share with mammals and other animals

unless we deliberately make other choices, internalised conditionings will force us to indefinitely repeat reductive patterns

moreover, the attachment we have for these layers of conditionings and habits, and for the associated values and limiting beliefs, tends to densify them in clusters of outstanding stuff causing  tensions, rigidity and blocks in your body. Any unresolved spiritual, mental, emotional issue will end up crystallising in our body

the global polarisation in contemporary world brings to the surface all that isn’t in tune with our essence and requires attention, thereby giving us a chance to deal with it


consequently, we need to take a leap of faith and free ourselves from conditionings and limits imposed by our personal, biological and collective past, and maintained by the energy we keep investing in them
this is both necessary and urgent !

ultimately, the most beautiful tribute we can offer to your past will be tu use it as a trampoline to step higher and move on in our evolutionary journey

to that end, we need to look into and optimise the relations between structures and flow within our body and between our body and the environment


specific work on the fascia and posterior muscular chains of the body, supported by adequate chest and abdominal breathing gives excellents results

here are a few examples