an adventure and a journey towards balancing the feminine and masculine


now is a good time to understand how your body works and how it supports you
the easiest way is to go about it in a playful way, for instance …

you can get to know your body
once called a prison, an instrument or an outfit, who is it actually ?
it has now become a playmate
can you seek its company and enjoy being friends with your body ?
why don’t you acknowledge and team with it, instead of taking it for granted ?

your body speaks … sanskrit !
you can learn it’s language by tuning in 
you can sense within
an expansive open space (sukha) = yes 
a shrinking restricted space (duhkha) = no
no movement or not very clear = wait

you can listen to it and simply follow its guidance, you’ll be surprised
to feel how it constantly responds to the flow of the continuum
to realise where it takes you and how simply it handles things 

you can feel what your body needs every moment
and in doing so be honest about your tendency to rule and control it, about your addictions, etc
consciously or not, we are used to abusing and neglecting our bodies

you can question the way you habitually have your body DO workout and training
body play (āsana) is about finding again and again and enjoying inner balance (sthira-sukha)
this requires a combination of smart caring and softening (prayatna-śaithilya)
which helps reconnecting with ONEness (ananta samāpatti)
and frees you from duality eventually (dvandva anabhighāta)

you can feel how your body responds to impulses and stimuli 
a free body is spontaneous and playful, it interacts with other bodies and with what surrounds it 
it shares joyfully and get enriched by the contact with others, which is contagious 

any tension, stiffness or pain in the body signals a closed state and a restriction in the flow between oneself and the surrounding world. Prior to this there are one (or more) unresolved emotional wave(s) and superimposed mental patterns we have identified with and got attached to (a double defence mechanism)

you will find you own ways of refining your relationship with your body



but there is more to be found in the body
a true relationship with our body allows us to fully integrate the feminine and the masculine

by reconnecting with the sensation of it, we can remember that the soft all enveloping embrace of the divine feminine has always been there and has been surrounding, supporting and protecting us
including during the many millennia it went into complete oblivion
this eternal presence within and all around us keeps inviting us to completely surrender with infinite confidence
we can feel her loving touch in every single cells of our body

similarly, the purest and stillest radiance of the divine masculine is ever present in and around us
even within the suffocating and lifeless structures of declining patriarchy
when we acknowledge and face these, rather than avoiding the pain, 
the emprisonment suddenly dissolves and this quiet inner radiance becomes apparent 
which reconnects us with the power from where any impulse in life originates

we must acknowledge the feminine and masculine in the intimacy of our body
so it can happen collectively as well
our body is the place and the precious support of this experience



the bigger picture
this evening at 19:42 GMT the Moon is full at 12° Aries in a bridge (opposition) with the Sun in Libra 

Mars-Venus (the feminine) begin a new cycle (conjunction) in Virgo (oneness and wholeness), whilst Mercury (the masculine) is about to connect with the Sun in Libra (mirrored Self)