here are a few little seasonal games


  • be aware of our body in ordinary daily activities
    how it engages in action
    all related sensations
    whether it is pleasant or not
    (intense and brief, a few times every day)


  • move your body taking support on the elements
    the movements of the wind, of falling rain or evaporating steam, of crackling fire, of the simmering stew, of crumbling soil …
    refine your gesture as the relationship gets stronger
    let a bodily expression of the quality of exchange emerge


  • privilege sensation in brainstorming, research, reflection and similar mental activities
    but also in state of minds and moods
    invite a global and precise, intimate and subjective feeling
    for instance whilst watching the short video clip below


enjoy !

and always let the interaction between your body, heart and mind give you a denser and more solid quality of presence in reality and a more fluid relationship with your environment