10 March 2018, Montbonnot, Grenoble, France
a one day workshop on body awareness, following the blog of the same name      sylvianegianina.com/wonderful-bodies


user’s manual for inbuilt sat nav

your sat nav comes along with you so you don’t need to install or update it
it is an invaluable resource you can use anytime anywhere, free of charge
no need to plug in to recharge it, it runs on limitless free energy
it is on and operational as long as you live on Earth,
no customer service hotline, no troubleshooting
it is there and available for you


why don’t you use it ?

because you don’t have access to it !
the only missing bit is your connection with your sat nav, so access is denied
it is on and you are off, all that is needed is you switching yourself on


how can you do that ?

in order for your unique blueprint to activate the device
you need to be there, fully present in your body
chatterbox in you mind turned off and emotional waves appeased
your body attunes to the frequency of Self when mind-heart are still and open


that’s where a manual comes handy

you may have to
jump right back into your body if you ran away from it
switch back from mind to body if you have hit the flip switch
let you body contain the turmoil if your heart is distressed
bring all bits and pieces back to body if you are all over the place


so body is where you find instant access
and body is where you come back when you have lost it (you will do!)


your body is the densest and most stable part of your equipment
feeling and settling in its physicality is really grounding
then listening, body speaks but not always very loud
listening and listening
and let your body take you where is best for you to be
and do or experience what is best for you to do or experience (even if it doesn’t make any sense at all)


that’s it!


please note : you cannot activate somebody else device
everybody is in charge of their own